About Me

My name is Kindra. I’m a disabled wife, mother and former teacher from East London.

I live with Chiari Malformation and Intracranial Hypertension with some good old-fashioned hereditary Migraine thrown in to really amp up the head pain 😜. I’ve had my skull drilled into/cut open 3 times since 2016 and have a VP shunt in my head to keep the pressure inside my skull at reasonable levels. I’ve been housebound for several years and 2020 is the year of ‘The Rebuild’ – I’m basically putting myself back together again, building a new way of living from scratch.

In addition to posts on disability topics, expect beauty product reviews aplenty – one thing that never changes is my obsession with skincare, makeup and gorgeous nail looks. I’ve also developed new interests and what can be be described as ‘micro-hobbies’ – little things I like to do during those windows of time that I can sit/lean up that aren’t devoted to family stuff. If you spot a couple of random posts on my sudden obsession with enamel pins (my tattoo substitutes!), that’s why.

If you are looking for reliable info on Chiari or IH, the Useful Links page has some suggestions on where to start.

Feel free to follow my socials – my Twitter is mostly disability and related politics and my IG tends to focus on beauty stuff.

Thanks for stopping by!

12 thoughts on “About Me”

    1. Hi Lainey! I’ve only been blogging for about 3 weeks so I have no clue about the Blogger Recognition Award but I shall check out your post & find out πŸ™‚ Thank you v much x


    1. Thanks Hun πŸ™‚
      I’ve had a few of these nominations lately & they’re really nice but I’m in a bad way with the pain lately, am barely managing to keep my usual posts going. I’m doing 2/3 posts in whatever good hrs I get then scheduling them, cos it can be ages before I’m well enough to write the next lot. If I get any kind of good patch in the foreseeable I’ll get working on nomination pieces. Hope you are well x


      1. I’m sorry to hear you’re going through it worse than normal recently. I only get normal migraines, I haven’t had humdingers for many years…I cannot imagine what you’re going through. I hate migraines. Gia gets them too, poor kid.
        I don’t think the blog police will care if you write up about any awards, I just wanted you to know that you bring a little sunshine into my life :).

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      2. Thanks Hun πŸ’œ That sucks that Gia gets them πŸ˜” They used to scare the life out of me when I was her age. Poor girl.
        When migraines were chronic it was bad, but they’ve been daily for last two years, that’s where it got nightmarish. So few functional hours in my week & none pain free 😑 Working on it though xx


  1. Hello!
    I have to say that I like your blog.
    Also I appreciate the finding of a blogger with simillar problems, that has a possitive outlook on life. (I don’t have migraines, but I have daily headaches and after 12 years no one knows what’s causing them.)
    Keep up the jolly spirit and Happy New Year!

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    1. Hi Annie! Thanks very much πŸ™‚
      Holding on to hope isn’t easy with daily pain as you know but I enjoy my blog, it cheers me up. Thanks for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it. Happy new year!


  2. Hi Lovely lady, I too suffer from more than 1 auto immune disorders that fill me with chronic pain each day. Thank you for providing those pretty little things that I can obsess over instead of my pain. Pain Isolates and that itself is painful. I wish you love peace and all the lipstick you could ever want! your fellow lip junkie

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    1. Hi there! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment πŸ™‚ My love of makeup is a part of me that the pain can’t take away. The isolation is a such a big issue for us. It’s so nice to find people online who understand. Wishing you as many ‘low pain’ days as possible x


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