Bright Happy Nails 

I’m confined to bed as I type this, after a horrendous night where the pain surpassed the pain I felt during childbirth. Oh how I hate it when that happens. But you know what? Even when pain is so bad I feel like I can’t survive another minute of it…my nails still look good 😉💅🏻

My broken brain has largely cancelled summer for me this year, but nothing stops my nails from getting their summer vibe on. Here are my two bright summer  favourites:

This gorgeous blue number came in June’s Glossybox and it was love at first sight for me (I like to think the nail polish feels the same way). Essence is a really inexpensive brand and as far as I know the only place that currently sells it in the UK is Wilkos. I liked this polish so much I went in search of other shades and it turns out they cost £1.60 per little bottle…nice. This polish may not last as long on the nail as more expensive brands but if you already own a good topcoat (you probably do) then you’re sorted 😊 They’re a great way to try out new shades; if one doesn’t work out, you’re on £1.60 out of pocket 👍🏼 You can check out the Essence range here (lipsticks are also gorgeous) – Essence at Wilkos

This is not a colour I’d usually pick as I tend to think neon brights are more suited to tanned/dark skin…but I chanced it & love it! It’s actually a touch brighter neon than it shows in the picture. This shade just makes me think of warm weather & beaches! I haven’t bought other shades from this US brand yet but I believe the RRP is £8.95. They are available at Nails Direct & lots of them are discounted 👍🏼. Color Club at Nails Direct

Would love to hear about your favourite bright & happy nails!

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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