My Lips Lie…

We all have those days when we turn to our makeup bags to help us conceal something; a late night, a hang over or skin that’s not looking it’s best. 

Me, I ask A LOT of my makeup sometimes. I often use makeup to conceal or distract the eye from the pain and nausea that are my constant companions every day to varying degrees. 

Lipstick/Tints/Glosses are a vital part of my ammunition in the battle to look remotely normal, on the all too rare occasions that I am out in the world among people. A pop of colour or a polished nude lip goes a long way towards making me look more alive than I feel. This cult classic is a staple in my makeup collection:

Benefit’s PocketPal has been a regular repurchase of mine since it was released years ago. I like to have the option of the clear gloss built in, which you obviously don’t get with the traditional Benetint bottle. I also like the brush for the the tint in the PocketPal; it makes for accurate application when outlining lips, which isn’t always the case with tints. 

Benebalm  has also turned out to be a winner. It can be worn alone or over Benetint. The packaging is gorgeous but also nice & sturdy for rattling around in your handbag. It smells of roses but not enough to bother me (artificial floral scents are not usually appreciated by my broken brain). It applies smoothly and makes lips feel lovely.

Benefit products aren’t the cheapest (PocketPal RRP £15.50, Benebalm RRP £14.50) but a little goes a long way with these particular items. The Body Shop has a lip tint that is similar in shade & consistency which I also like. They haven’t as yet created one with a gloss built-in (to my knowledge, if I’m wrong let me know). The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain (RRP £10) has a sponge applicator similar to those found in glosses. I prefer the brush in the PocketPal for precision but that’s a personal taste thing. It’s worth noting that with both the Benefit & BS versions, you must be extra sure to screw them completely closed before putting them in your handbag or else much badness will follow 😁

I  think on balance the Body Shop tint may be more pigmented. Both look intense in the tube which is probably why some people are disappointed with them; they were expecting a more intense shade rather than a diluted wash of colour. 

These products are buildable but I actually like them because they brighten the face without looking overdone. I love them for daytime use & when I’m struggling with pain/lack of energy, it’s handy to have a red lip option that doesn’t require liplining, blotting etc. Also it’s pretty hard to mess this look up; some days I need idiot proof products & looks 😊

What’s your go-to lip product for looking better than you feel?

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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