In Search of the Perfect Chrome

Whether they’re on trend or not, there’s always at least a couple of chrome nail polishes in my collection…often half a dozen ☺️ My obsession began when I was still a teenager/young adult. My beloved aunt was an Avon rep & when they released their chrome range of nail polishes (they may have been called Mirror Shine) she set me up with all of them. They were GORGEOUS & sooooo shiny. Sadly they were then unavailable for quite a long time, though I think they were relaunched at some point…I shall investigate this 😊. I’ve been a magpie for chrome polishes ever since & love to try different brands. Barry M chromes are good & OPI has a silver that I really must invest in.

So, let’s talk about my latest chrome experiment – Models Own Silver Chrome.

Now, I must confess this particular venture was not a roaring success. I picked up this polish as part of an ASOS order & threw in some nail polish removing wipes as well. You know when you start disliking a product, then years later purchase it again, only to use it & think “oh yeah, THAT’S why I stopped buying these!”…..well, that’s me with nail polish removing wipes.

So, firstly I removed my old polish with these supposedly acetone & alcohol free wipes; they should have been fine for the coating of acrylic I have over my own nails. At this point the soothing ritual of nail polishing went awry. The wipes left my nails feeling really weird; rough to the the touch (& to look at!) and also strangely sticky, even after thorough hand washing. Add this to the usual tendency of wipes to spread colour all over your fingers and you get the markedly unpretty picture.

My pain levels were starting to creep up so knowing I wouldn’t be sitting upright for much longer I ploughed ahead with the polish. It’s worth bearing in mind that if you have acrylic nails, chrome will highlight any gap at base of nail from regrowth. My infills were only done about 10 days ago and the tiny bit of growth suddenly looked obvious when this shade was applied. 

BTW – my hands were a little wobbling as pain increased, hence little mistakes that I’d usually  tidy up afterwards 😊.

I think this is probably quite a nice polish but I’ll have to give it a fair chance by trying it again without the world’s most annoying remover wipes being in the equation. As it was, the finish was more matte than I expected; this may be at least in part due to weird left over texture from wipes. On the plus side you could easily use just one coat & get good coverage. It dried in reasonable time & once it was dry, it didn’t get any of those annoying dents & imprints that can happen. The packaging is gorgeous and the amount of polish you get per bottle is decent. Models Own polishes are a reasonably priced so if I’m impressed when I give this one a second outing,I’ll happily invest in Gold too 😊.

Do you have a favourite chrome polish? Any nail products that really irritated you like these wipes annoyed me?

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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