Box Trials: Lip Monthly

I rarely receive fun mail these days. Living the Chronic Life means money is tight & medical appointments frequent. I’m stuck at home the majority of the time and hear the letter box rattle every day, dumping the latest round of bills & hospital letters through the door.

So, recently I decided that I need some nice surprises to come to my door every now & then to cheer me up. Since I can’t order pain free days to be delivered, I’m on a mission to hunt down the best beauty box subscription service. Chronic illness does evil things to your finances, so I’m determined to find the one beauty box that is worth the money every month.  I’ll review each one I try so you can decide if there’s one you’d like to treat yourself to 😊.

Today I’m going to review Lip Monthly, a U.S. based beauty box (or more accurately, bag) service. 


Lip Monthly is a relatively new monthly subscription service. Much like Glossybox, you can pay your 1st month & if you’re enjoying the service, leave them to take the set amount each month. If you decide it’s not for you, you can cancel at any point (obviously check when payments are due to go out etc & cancel at the appropriate time). You can also decide to subscribe for a set number of months up front if you’d like.

Lip Monthly is all about the lip products, as the name suggests. It costs $12.95 (approx £8.40 right now) with free delivery in the U.S., extra $5 (£3.25) for delivery outside U.S. Until recently it was $10 per month & since I joined just before the price increase, I get to keep paying $10 price rather than $12.95 for as long as I remain subscribed.

There is a code on the website to use for your 1st bag, so you get it for $5. This offer is nothing to do with me (this post isn’t sponsored) & is available to all new customers on the website – yay! Love a discount code.

Each month you receive a small makeup bag with 4 lip products inside. Let me show  you what I got in the August bag:


I like the mix of products this month; a chunky lip colour pencil, a slimmer lip colour pencil, a gloss & a balm. Here’s the retail value information for the August bag:


I liked the Starlooks Matte Lipstick straight away. It’s not a colour I would have chosen myself but it’s very pretty. It applies so smoothly & the finish is gorgeous. It’s a small slim pencil so very handy for little makeup bag inside handbag. Looking forward to playing with this one some more.   


The Be A Bombshell Lipgloss in the shade Hooked reminds me of Autumn somehow. It’s a rich shade & substantial enough to wear alone if desired. I predict I’ll be wearing it on top of the darker brownish/red lipsticks that I often reach for as the weather turns colder.


The Marabella Velvet Lip Pencil is the most expensive item in the bag and I disliked it on sight…wonder what that says about me 😄 The shade looks bright orangey red, which is not a look I’m remotely interested in. It just makes me think of clown makeup. A rich red lipstick is a thing of beauty but this shade is nowhere close to that. It may well suit other skin tones but just wouldn’t work on me.

The cheapest product in the bag turned out to be a success. The City Color Lip Butter is a balm with a gentle tint. The packaging highlights the inexpensive nature of the brand but I really like the product. It looks very bright in the tube but when applied it leaves a nice subtle sheen of colour on the lips.


This is the 2nd Lip Monthly bag I’ve received and so far I’m quite pleased with the items & service. It’s nice to get a surprise each time & really encourages me to try new shades and brands. I’ll let one more bag arrive before making a decision about continuing the subscription but I’m impressed so far. I also like the little makeup bag that your products arrive in every month; I always find a use for them.

If you’d like to subscribe yourself, it would be great if you could use my referral link. I’m not being paid or anything, this is just the usual ‘invite your friends’ link that all subscribers get. I think subscriptions purchased via link get me points of some kind, which can’t be a bad thing. Of course you can use the link at beginning of post if you prefer. Remember to use the code on website to get your 1st bag for $5. There are other offers/discounts available if you decide to subscribe for a certain number of months up front, but personally I prefer to see how I feel about a couple of bags/boxes before committing 😊.

Do you have any Beauty Box recommendations? Do you prefer UK services or those from the U.S. & other countries? Know of any awesome ones that ship to UK?

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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