Cath Kidston Lovely Things

A lot of things in my life have changed beyond recognition in recent years as the pain has progressed from chronic to daily (again). There are a few things that remain constant however; one of them is my love for Cath Kidston  bags, purses & accessories. My birthday is in late August, so it’s a fairly safe bet that at this time every year, a few new CK bits and pieces will be added to my collection 😊. Here are my 3 latest additions:
iPhone 6 case with card slots  – £20

Little Leaves Zip Purse – £6

Painted Rose Frame Washbag – £20
I love these three! Let’s look at each one in turn…

I have been waiting for AGES for CK to release an iPhone 6 case that wasn’t just a hard shell that only protects back of phone. I know some of the hard backing cases sport very pretty designs but I don’t see the point of them; surely the screen needs to be protected too?? Anyway, I was very excited when this little piece of gorgeousness came out. Until this point my long time favourite CK design was Little Birds but the Squirrels may be changing all that. So pretty & includes little splashes of Autumn colours that I love.

The case itself does the job. I make use of the card slots sometimes & they’re quite handy. For me it’s the gorgeous print that makes this a winner. My one little doubt is that the light background colour may become grubby quicker than I’d like; we’ll see. In the meantime, my phone looks fabulous.


These small zip purses come in really handy as they can be used for a range of things like carrying coins, medications, hair bands etc.  I have found that 3 passports fit nicely, they fill the purse without getting squished in any way; a pretty way to keep your passports together & spillage resistant when traveling. It’s wipe clean & like the bags of the same coated material, these little purses stay looking neat for an impressive amount of time, even with very regular use.

 The print on this one is also a new one from CK & I hope it sticks around as the colours are beautiful.

  Finally, check out this gorgeous Painted Rose wash/makeup bag – isn’t it lovely?! I got this to use as the container for my Chronic Travel Kit (where I keep all the stuff I need to help me with the pain when I have to be away from home).  It’s quite big but it needs to be for my purpose. You could easily fit all wash/body/skincare stuff in it for overnight visit or holiday. It arrives folded flat but once you get it opened out, it stands up by itself. This is a useful feature for leaving it standing up in a bathroom & makes it easier to keep your little travel bottles upright inside. Even the lining inside is gorgeous 💚.

What’s your favourite Cath Kidston print? 

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x

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