NYX Matte Foundation Goodies

I’m always on the look out for foundation type products that actually stay on my skin for any length of time. I have combination/oily skin with the t-zone from hell & considering that my delightful pain condition limits the time & energy I have to apply makeup (when I’m able to), I get very irritated when it melts off within an hour or two. And the sludge that’s left behind – ewwww.

I love NYX lipsticks so thought it was high time I tried out some of their other products. I have a big wedding coming up &  I’d like to look as human as possible for as long as possible 😊 It will be warm weather too so keeping the oil slick calm is even more important than usual. Have tried these products a few times now so it’s time to tell you what I thought of them (pic of me with them on at end of post):

I got the Stay Matte Not Flat foundation in Ivory, the latest edition shade. In the tube it looked too dark (my skin is in the MAC NW15 area) but when applied it was actually perfect shade for me – woo hoo! Often even the lightest shades in a lot of foundations are too dark on me so I was delighted with this 😊. Coverage wise I’d categorise this foundation as medium to full coverage which is more than I usually go for. It applied really easily though and didn’t look caked on at all. Having been in the habit of using mineral powder foundation for quite a while now I thought I’d have to practice a little to get it right with this, but it went on like a dream.

As I normally use powders this HD Studio Photogenic one was easy to use with a kabuki brush. I gently buffed it in using circular motions and it blended nicely. Like most setting/finishing powders it is white in the tub but translucent on the skin. If you have dry skin you may well not need this product but if your makeup tends to slide, this is a really handy addition to makeup routine.

This setting spray is intended to increase the longevity of your entire makeup look. It can feel counterintuitive to spray liquid at the face of makeup you’ve just finished applying but you get used to it! This one doesn’t smell of anything I could detect & didn’t effect makeup in any bad way. It dried in very quickly & left my face feeling fresh without tightness.

So, above is how my skin looked with these products applied. I really like the coverage as it evened out my complexion without making me look like I’d applied foundation with a trowel! Another thing I like about these three products is their versatility; you can use them in different combinations depending on your skin type/how much time you have to do your makeup. You could also slot your favourite pressed powder into the routine for a little extra coverage & staying power if you like.

In terms of longevity I was quite impressed. Of course the shine broke through after a few hours but it definitely took significantly longer to do so than usual & didn’t disintegrate into a greasy mess so was much easier to touch up when needed. The oil control blotting papers I use did their job without the bulk of the makeup shifting which is certainly not the case with all foundations. 

Overall I was impressed with these products and will definitely keep using them. I have tried high end foundations that claim to stay put on skin like mine, that didn’t work half as well as these. NYX is relatively inexpensive so I’d say they are definitely worth a try if you have trouble getting your makeup to stay where you put it.

Do you know of a foundation that stays put even on oily skin? Tried any expensive ones that didn’t do the job?

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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