Travel Size Gorgeousness 

There’s something lovely about travel size bath & skin care products. They are so adorable to look at & since we often need to buy all or most of them at the same time, they are satisfying new. 

Before my pain moved from Chronic to Daily, I loved to go on a holiday or a short break, often fitting something fun into school holidays (I was a teacher for 10 years).  In recent times I’ve been unable to do this but my brother’s wedding in Spain is a journey I just had to attempt. I have little control over my condition so all I can do is formulate plans A, B & C to fit with the various states of awfulness I may find myself in (and some expensive but comprehensive travel insurance!)

Once all that boring stuff is in place, I can reward myself with a task that never fails to cheer me up; getting some gorgeous travel size products for my wash/skin care travel bag 😊


The Clinique 3 Step Set is an old friend of mine. I’m always on the look out for skin care products/ranges but I know I can always return to these old faithfuls at times of uncertainty or too-sick-to-care-ness. The travel/trial set is big enough to use for several weeks or more depending on how much you use each time. They are a good size for travel as you definitely won’t run out while away. I like it because it allows me to keep my skin clean & calm without too much thought or effort. At £20 for the set it’s also a good way to give the products a decent trial before deciding to invest in the full size versions.


Similarly,  Soap & Glory body scrubs and body butters can always be depended upon to feel luxurious. They smell gorgeous (maybe too sweet for some Chronic Migraine bods but fortunately I like the smell & if I’m well enough to be body scrubbing & buttering then it doesn’t bother me). They leave your skin feeling soft & cared for. The little tubs contain 50ml each; they are a good size for travel & the packaging is gloriously pink. At £2.50 each they won’t break the bank either.


Evian Facial Spray is another classic travel product. I find it very soothing when faced with hot weather. Heat is one of my pain triggers so it’s very handy to have. It also helps when I feel overheated from the nausea/medication. Some people even use it to set their makeup. If you’re traveling via an airport, make sure it’s the 50ml version (100ml is max size you’re allowed to carry on in hand luggage). 

Halo wipes are quite new to me but since I received a pack of their face wipes in a Glossybox I’ve come to like them. I find the eye makeup remover wipes to be gentle enough for regular use & they don’t have a weird chemical or sharp smell, which my broken brain appreciates. They are inexpensive too (£1.50 for 30 at Superdrug) so well worth a try if you’ve never used them before.

As for Batist Dry Shampoo (mini), it’s an absolute cult classic. I have a confession to make though; I have never used dry shampoo of any kind 😦 I’ve decided to give it a go as my hair is often neglected because I’m in too much pain to wash it. I’ll let you know how I get on with it!


I don’t yet have any particular night treatments or serums that I’m loyal to but Glossybox has provided me with two conveniently travel sized options that I really like. Teoxane Perfect Skin Refiner Night has definitely had a positive impact on my skin in the month or so I’ve been using it. The texture of my skin, especially around the nose (my problem area) is much improved. 

Noxidoxi Enhancing Serum Base is my first venture into serums. I definitely feel that my moisturiser is nicely absorbed & a smooth, even base for makeup created when I use it. Both these items are expensive to buy in their full size but thankfully I’ve been able to pick up some extras in these generous travel sizes via Glossybox half price sale on previous boxes. Yay!


Do you have any travel size favourites? Any mini products that you never travel without?

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x

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