The Chrome Nail Search – Mauve

My search for the perfect chrome nail polish  continues! Having tried Models Own Chrome Silver recently (if you missed that post you can read it here) & been hampered by the what must be the weirdest nail  polish remover wipes ever, I decided to give the brand another go, this time with the Chrome Mauve polish.

Having missed my brother’s wedding due to having a stupid broken brain, I have not been a happy bunny this week. So, I grabbed the first low pain hours I had & took myself to my local nail place for infills; I don’t mind admitting that pretty nails cheer me up a little.  My salon has a loyalty card scheme where you get a free treatment after every 10, so this one was free – sweeeeet 😊.


I love purple nail shades, from pastel lilac to deep purple that’s almost black. I’m pretty happy with this chrome addition to my collection. It catches the light beautifully, yet can sometimes have a slightly matte look in the shade. As with chrome polishes in general, it can be a little unforgiving; if there are ridges on your nails or your acrylics have grown upwards even a little, this polish will show it. A good base coat should help with this though😊.

If you do still prefer acrylic rather than gel nails (I do, without tips, just to keep my nails the same length & sturdy for weeks) then this polish is a lovely option to take with you when you have infills. As with very pale shades, it works best when there are no regrowth gaps at the base of the nails, or small ones, say a week’s growth.


If you’re taking a chrome shade to a nail salon, keep an eye on how the surface of your acrylic nail is buffed – any little bumps will be highlighted by chrome. If you’re applying chrome to your own nails, have a little play  with buffing/base coats & see what works best for you. Also it might be prudent to have some cotton buds soaked in remover to hand; tiny errors around edges are quite obvious with chrome. Even my nail technician had to do some tidying up of stray polish around the cuticles.


I like this polish; the combination of purple & chrome was always going to be a winner for me! The fact that chrome polishes can be a little fiddly to work with is outweighed in my opinion by the end result. I should warn you though – you may end up waving your hands about & watching the light play off your nails! Chrome nails are a bit like lava lamps in that way; it’s easy to get fixated 😆.

Do you have a favourite chrome polish? Do you favour a particular colour for chrome nails?

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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