A MAC Lipstick Staple – Syrup

I loooove Autumn. The weather is kinder to my broken brain, knee high boots make a triumphant return & the gorgeous Victoria Park in our part of East London turns all kinds of gorgeous orange & gold shades.

There is a downside though; the prescription sunglasses that play such a vital role in my ongoing mission to look half normal,when I’m able to venture out in public, start to look at little odd. Most people put them away for Autumn in the UK. But for me, white/cloudy skies daylight hurts my head as much as the blue sunny kind. It’s very possible that people look at me & assume that wearing sunglasses in such weather can only mean that I’m a vain, preening arsehole.

I do have a secret weapon for Autumn though. When I feel too self conscious to incorporate my shades into my I’m-not-really-feeling-like-death look, a gorgeous plum lip goes a long way towards making me look put together. Here is where MAC’s lustre lipstick in Syrup comes in.


Being a Lustre finish lipstick, there is a sheerness to Syrup that hasn’t exactly been on trend in recent times, as we’ve all become obsessed with matte lipsticks. But trends come & go; some products are staples and Syrup is one for me.  

The lustre finish is what makes this lipstick so versatile. Worn alone it’s got a mauvey rose thing going on that will look slightly different depending on the colour of the wearer’s lips. I am clearly at the extreme end of pale & it works for me. I’ve seen it work beautifully on tanned and darker skin tones. Love a lipstick that works for many different people 😊.

In Autumn/Winter, I have a particular way of wearing Syrup. I layer it over No 7 Precision Lip Pencil in Plum. 

(Apologies for photo, had to use one of my Pinterest ones as I’m not well enough to be upright & taking new pics today.)

The rosey-plum result is polished without being too ‘statement lip’ ish. It can be mattified with the layer of tissue & loose powder method, but I actually like the finish as it is. It’s great for the day time & draws the eye away from the pain/exhaustion signals that may well be emanating from my eye area. Syrup can of course be layered over a range of mauve/rose/dark pink liners. It can also be worn straight onto bare lips.

It is this versatility that endears Syrup to me. Most of us can’t afford to buy numerous higher end products every season, so choosing one that can be worn in a number of ways makes sense. Syrup has definitely become a staple in my makeup bag. The No 7 Lipliner is also a really handy addition to any Autumn/Winter makeup bag. The plum shade is eternally gorgeous and the brush on the end allows for softening of lip lines.

Have you tried Syrup? What MAC shades have become staples for you?

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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