How good can a £2.30 lipstick be?

There are many scenarios in life in which the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ rings true. There are many beauty addicts who feel that it applies to makeup and that quality products can only be found at high end beauty counters.

While I love a MAC lipstick, I believe that there are some real beauty gems among the sea of drugstore makeup brands. Just as well I feel that way really, since chronic pain conditions tend to have a pretty devastating impact on your finances!😁

Essence is one such impressive drugstore brand (you can check out my recent Essence haul post here). For me, their lipsticks and lipliners are stand out products from their affordable range.


The above lipsticks (£2.30 each)  are described as long lasting, which generally makes me expect a matte/semi matte formula. These lipsticks are in fact closer to the Lustre finish at MAC. And it turns out, these inexpensive lipsticks are very pretty.


The colour is buildable and applies really smoothly. There is an inherent versatility with this finish; they give you the option to go for a light, more subtle coat of product or to layer the colour for a more noticeable lip look. They can be worn on their own but for a more lasting finish & cleaner lines, I reach for the lipliners. 


I expected the liners to be a little on the crumbling & dragging side, as many cheap lipliners are (they cost £1 each!).

 I was pleasantly surprised; they applied smoothly too. They’re nicely pigmented which I always like because really, who has the patience to go over & over the lines to make them show up cleanly? 

It terms of wear time, they easily last as long as any of my other non-matte lipsticks. As ever, putting a couple of minutes into lining, blotting & layering makes for a lovely finished look & longer wear time.


A note on fragrance – I can’t detect any particular scent from Essence lipsticks. This is always a good thing if you have a broken, fragrance-sensitive brain like mine 😊 It’s rare that I have to throw a lip product away for this reason but obviously I’m less inclined to reach for it if the smell doesn’t agree with my brain.

Overall I’m kinda in love with these lipsticks & liners. They are such good quality for really low prices & can easily hold their own against drugstore rivals that cost 3 times as much. It was a happy day when these little beauties finally hit the UK 💄💚 You can find the brand at Wilko or BeautyCrowd.

Have you tried any Essence products? What’s your favourite drugstore lipstick?

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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11 thoughts on “How good can a £2.30 lipstick be?”

  1. Essence are brill!! I’m doing a post on some bits I got from them this week!
    I love their eyeshadows and nail varnish and lippies and mascara wow the list goes on.
    by back up/travel bag is full of it xxxx

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