In Defense of Sheer Lipstick: Urban Decay Sheer Revolution 

While I am a lover of matte lipsticks, sheer lippies do have their strengths. Granted, sheer formulas generally don’t stay in place as long or as evenly as their matte cousins. However, sheer formulas are in my opinion more versatile; by layering them over a favourite lipliner, it is possible to customise the shade in a way that is much harder to do with entirely matte lipsticks.

As you’ll know if you’ve read my previous posts, makeup is for me a weapon in my endless battle to look remotely normal when I venture out in public (easier said than done when your life is dominated by daily migraine). Lipstick is very helpful when it comes to distracting the eye away from signs of pain and exhaustion that are always present. A pink lipstick comes in especially handy for those days when reds or plums just feel a little like overkill.

So,  I like to have a sheer pink shade in my makeup bag all year around. My current favourite is Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick in Obsessed (£15.50).


This shade looks very pretty when worn alone, especially in Spring/Summer. However it doesn’t need to be put aside when cooler weather rolls in. The sheer formula means that it can be layered over a range of rose/pink lipliners to achieve a deeper colour and a longer lasting finish.


I like the fact that this lipstick is sheer without being so frosty that it calls to mind 80’s music videos. It is a fairly bright shade when worn alone but the formula’s sheerness stops it being overwhelmingly so. 


I must point out another strength that this Urban Decay gem has to it’s name; I can detect little/no scent from it. This is a factor for me as I have to abandon anything that sports a fragrance that my head objects to. My broken brain is inconsistent in this regard, just to keep me on my toes. Chemical type smells are generally a no-no but beyond that I never know what will upset my head until I smell it. Finding a brand that is calm on the fragrance front is always a happy event for me.

There is something luxurious about the packaging as well. Purple is my favourite colour and combined with the tube’s shiney finish, it adds up to a very pretty product. I spend more time handling and organising medications than I do lipsticks, so I don’t mind admitting that a quality product in cute packaging makes me smile 😊.

Do you own an Urban Decay Sheer Revolution lipstick? What do you think of them?

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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