Having a demure nails moment…

As you may have noticed from my previous posts, I am something of a magpie when it comes to nail polish; bright & shiny draws me in. Vivid shades, neons, chromes…you get the idea.

But every once in a while,  when my nails are relatively short & neat, I get the urge to reach for a discrete, demure nude/pink shade. As luck would have it I currently have a new one to try: Essence The Gel Polish in Sweet As Candy.


This shade cost £1.60 & is by Essence, the brand that is fast becoming my drugstore obsession. This range of nail colours are named The Gel in referring to the glossy gel-like finish; it’s a straightforward polish though, no lamps required. This is a useful shade for those weeks when I’m tool unwell with the daily migraine to give my nails any thought. The top coat helps it last and any little errors or signs of wear that do appear aren’t noticeable, unlike my chrome nail polishes that highlight everything!


I applied a thin layer of The Gel Top Coat over the Sweet As Candy shade. The colours in this range are glossy on their own but the top coat really extends wear & that ‘nails just been done’ look. At £2.50, if you’re ordering some Essence nail polishes you might as well grab one of their topcoats too. I bought all my recent Essence treats from Wilko online (my posts aren’t sponsored by the way; just sharing my obsession 😊).


These two products are another couple of winners from Essence, without a doubt. The shade of pink is just right against my fair skin as ‘my nails but better’ kinda look. Top coat is lovely & shiny and does what a top coat is meant to. I like the fact that these bottles are smaller than most polishes – I’ve never in my life finished a bottle of nail polish and it ends up being a gloopy waste. With these little cuties, you can buy a handful each season and stock up on your staple shades without spending a fortune on polishes that are only half used by the time they have to go in the bin 😊.

Doubtless I’ll be reaching for something sparkly or bright in the nail department again soon, but this is a gorgeous option for my demure & discreet moments.

Do you have a favourite nude/pink polish? A neutral nail staple that you always come back to?

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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7 thoughts on “Having a demure nails moment…”

  1. Oh I love this color! Haven’t found my MNBB color yet so I might give this a colossal search here. The top coat made it even perfect. At first glance I thought you were wearing acrylics. Yes, that perfect!
    And I’m so in love with this shape of nails. They’re so lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gorgeous isn’t it? I actually do have a thin layer of acrylic without false tips. The acrylic is almost see through so a good base for polish & stops me breaking nails 🙂
      You’re right, you can get acrylic powder in this kind of pink shade but I prefer as thin & colourless as possible so it doesn’t interfere with nail polish shades.
      The top coat is really good for £2.50! The two products together wear really well.

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