90s Nostaglia – Mac Whirl Lipstick 

I went to Spain recently with the intention of attending my brother’s wedding. That was a massive undertaking for me & my family, what with my condition rendering me housebound most of the time. To cut a long story short, I was too ill to attend the wedding, after all the effort that went into getting there (my little one got to be flower girl though so that’s something). I was pretty fed up on my return so decided I deserved a little lipstick treat to cheer me up. Step forward, Mac Whirl Matte Lipstick.


This was something of a risky purchase. What with almost all of my shopping being done online, I rarely get the chance to swatch before buying. I only treat myself to a higher end lipstick occasionally and not always successfully, as was the case with Velvet Teddy. Whirl has a richness about it that appealed to me though, so I went for it 🙂


Whirl has all the lovely features of it’s Mac Matte brothers & sisters; it smells beautiful and applies surprisingly easily considering the matte finish. There is no significant dragging, a drawback often present in cheaper mattes. It wears very well, especially if you take the time to use a Lipliner underneath. Personally I consider that a must with matte lipsticks, to help create clean lines. Cheaper mattes can also apply in a patchy way & cause lips to appear dry and in poor condition, even when they are not! Not so with Whirl.


This shade has a gorgeous 90s vibe going on that I love. Clearly it’s brown, but without  the paler flatness that made Velvet Teddy feel kinda bleurgh against my skin tone (bleurgh is a technical term 😉


There is a depth to Whirl that I really like. Granted, against my NW15 skin tone, Whirl becomes much more of a ‘statement lip’ than it would be on a less pale person. But it’s perfect for this time of year as Autumn gets going. That said, on a dark skinned or tanned person, it wouldn’t look out of place on Summer evenings either.

Have you tried Whirl? Do you have a favourite matte lipstick from MAC or is your favourite a drugstore gem?

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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8 thoughts on “90s Nostaglia – Mac Whirl Lipstick ”

    1. I love their matte lipsticks & I have one pressed powder of theirs that I like but I’ve never tried any other their other products. I must get review reading & see what people think of their foundations etc. It’s not cheap so I want anything I treat myself to, to be lovely at those prices 🙂 x

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      1. A lot of people say that! My illness means I don’t get out much lately so I’ve bought all my Mac stuff online so far. They have a dreadful reputation for in-store customer service. Were they rude to you? X

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      2. I actually laughed & spat a bit of tea out when I read that 😆.
        I know what you mean. When I used to stroll around beauty counters, bright orange faces did not inspire confidence, especially when looking for foundation for my very fair skin! Back awaaaaay from the orange ladies x

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      3. I’m glad someone else appreciates what I mean. I’m not being rude to them, they can wear what they like, but they can’t give me advice about not using too much product when it’s been trowelled on! x

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      4. I think that’s fair enough. You don’t point & laugh, just choose not to ask their advice on makeup. I was a teacher for 10 years; if the kids had seen me behaving badly or not putting effort into lessons, then they wouldn’t have taken instructions or guidance from me. That’s the way it goes x

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