Lipbalm Mini Haul

When you’re trapped indoors (and indeed confined to bed)  as much as I am, what you keep on your bedside  table becomes important. One item that can always be found on mine, sometimes in triplicate, is lip balm. Let me tell you about the latest little cuties to be added to my collection:



The fact that they are tins rather than sticks appealed to me, as my 4 year old is going through a fun phase of stealthily stealing my stick lipbalms and twisting them all the way up. Some survive this treatment, some don’t. She’s not as interested in tins because they don’t resemble lipstick!


All three balms are pretty gorgeous. The consistency is fairly solid, which I like; you don’t end up with product packed under your nails as you do with Body Shop’s classic Born Lippy tubs of balm.

My favourite is the Mint one. It’s fragrance is fresh without being overwhelming & it’s perfect for wearing overnight. It’s also a natural product which lots of people like these days. This is the one I’ll be reaching for when I’ve been stuck in bed for agggggeeeeeessssss & my lips need some conditioning attention.


The Strawberry one is cute, with its reddish tint & strawberry fragrance. The smell reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake toys when I was a kid; the very manufactured, for-children version of Strawberry. I like it.

The BubbleGum pink tinted balm would be a favourite for many people I suspect but not for me. The very sweet scent was too much for over-sensitive broken brain, so that one was sent to a new home where it will be properly appreciated 😊.

The packaging for all three is lovely. The tins are solid & pretty. The set of two tinted balms would make a lovely stocking filler (I know, it’s not quite October yet!).


These three little beauties are by the brand Absolute New York and are available at Beauty Crowd. The Mint one costs £2.95 and the set of Strawberry & Bubble Gum balms retails at £4.95.

What’s your favourite Lipbalm? Do you prefer sticks or tins/tubs?

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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