NYX Slim Lipliners 

Ah, lipliners. They’re one of those products for me that when I first used one, I couldn’t believe I’d ever managed to apply passable lipstick without it. They help avoid that unattractive bleeding lipstick look and help to achieve clean lines, which can be tricky with some lipsticks. They improve wear time & can be used to customise sheer lipsticks to suit your skin tone.

I have quite a few lipliners but the ones I have been reaching for most often in the last 6 months are from NYX, a fave brand of mine.




These particular shades exploded all over Pinterest as dupes for MAC lipliners. On the off chance that you haven’t come across this info a million times:

  • Mauve – wildly popular dupe for Whirl;
  • Ever – similarly raved about as a dupe for Soar;
  • Coffee – not as much of a consensus on this one but most people seem to consider it a good dupe for Spice.

These shades are pretty close to each other, but if you have several lipsticks in the MAC Brave/Twig area, or even Velvet Teddy, these can come in really handy. 

Here’s what they look like swatched on my NW15 skin:


I really like these lipliners. They’re not too draggy & the shades are so nice you could fill in entire lip & they’d look great. There is a little dry feeling if you fill in whole lip but that’s the case with most liners. These will really help increase wear time if you’re using a lipstick that isn’t matte, and therefore doesn’t usually stay put for too long. All three of them work beautifully NYX Round Lipstick in Thalia (popular colour dupe for Brave) and also with MAC Whirl lipstick.

Slim liners RRP£3.50 on the NYX UK website but if the shades you’re after are out of stock (they often are!) then I’d recommend  Very. If all else fails they are available in certain EBay shops but keep an eye out for ludicrous price hikes!

Have you used NYX lipliners? What did you think? 

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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