Lipgloss Loveliness 

 As you may have noticed by now, I’m a lipstick addict. I favour matte lipsticks used with lipliners and if I’m low on time & energy, a lip stain & balm combo (Benetint & Benebalm usually) will do the trick as well.

Every now & then though, I like to have a lipgloss to hand, to wear over a lipstick or balm. I spotted these online & snapped up 3 to try out.


They are by Bell cosmetics, a company that seems to be well established in mainland Europe but has only just come to my notice in the UK.  These lipglosses are available from Beauty Crowd for £3.95 each. The clear one is 01, the red one is 10 & the brownish one is 03.

They are a bit shorter than most glosses so are handy for carrying about in your handbag or even your pocket.


Initially I was a little startled by how pigmented these shades looked. I’ve found that really pigmented shiney glosses take a  lot of effort to maintain, especially if you eat, drink, smoke or breath during the day!  But as it turned out, when the colours are swatched/applied, they are more sheer & much easier to wear than they appear in the tube.

The applicator is a design I haven’t seen before and I really like it. It’s made of pretty solid sponge type stuff (technical terms there 😉) and forms an hour glass kind of shape. The tip of the applicator is round but not flat, like the tip of a cotton bud. I find it makes for easier & more precise application than flat or pointy shapes, as it suits the contours of your lips. I’m doing a bad job of describing this so I’ll just show you:


Overall I’m pleased with these lipglosses. They’re easy to wear & not sticky in texture – that is something that usually puts me off glosses. Also, they don’t smell of anything that I can detect, which my Daily Migraine brain always prefers! I actually prefer them to a couple of high end glosses I’ve owned in the past.

Do you have a favourite lipgloss? Have you discovered a drugstore gem lipgloss?

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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Note: This is not a sponsored post as such but I’m a Beauty Crowd Pro member. This means that I’m occasionally offered the chance to buy selected products at a discount. I got a discount on the products in this post but do not work for Beauty Crowd or the brand; I’m not obliged to produce a positive review or any review at all come to that. I also purchase products from Beauty Crowd at full price. If you don’t see this disclaimer on a post then you’ll know I purchased products at usual price with my own money 🙂

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