Dark Berry Lip Loveliness 

Nothing cheers up my ChronicLife (living with chronic pain) quite as much as a beautiful new lipstick, despite the fact that I’m only well enough to wear them occasionally these days. I’ve discovered a ‘drugstore’ lipstick that is just gorgeous, so obviously I have to share my delight with my fellow beauty addicts online!


I picked up this Milani Matte lipstick as part of my recent £20 beauty haul from Beauty Crowd. This is my very first Milani product so I was curious to see what the quality would be like. 


 The shade is Matte Flirty and pleasingly it actually looks the same IRL as it did on the website (not always the case!) It’s a deep rich berry shade which I think is gorgeous for Autumn/Winter. I’m very fair skinned (NW10/15) so a shade this dark definitely constitutes a statement lip on me. 


The shade is enhanced by the formula; you get the matte look that you want without that draggy feeling you get when applying some mattes. It’s comfortable to wear but most importantly the colour isn’t flattened by the matte formula – it still looks deep and rich. Yay!


{Some day soon I’ll master the art of taking quality pics of lipsticks while I’m wearing them. Not quite there yet!}

I used No 7Precision Lipliner in Plum with this lipstick and they worked beautifully together (keep an eye out for upcoming post on my fave Autumn lipliners). My lips stayed comfortable for hours & only needed a minor touch up after a meal. This lipstick also generated 3 unsolicited compliments in the hours I was wearing it – always a good sign! I wore it in the daytime with matte finish foundation, neatly filled brows, mascara and just a tiny bit of blusher. I think the resulting look was pretty & ‘put together’ without making me look like I was over-madeup for the daytime.

A quick note on the packaging: it’s gold & shiny & durable. All boxes ticked on the packaging front! 😊

One piece of advice when applying this lipstick – resist the temptation to over-layer it. I’m in the habit of swiping a colour onto my lips a few times & blotting in between,  which is a good idea with more sheer, buildable formulas. With this lipstick I’d recommend just lipliner (outer lines alone or full lip depending on your preference) & one, at the most two, careful swipes of colour from the lipstick bullet. Any more than this and you risk the finish becoming uneven when it doesn’t need to be. 
I must mention the fragrance of this lippie…it’s lovely! You know the sweet vanilla type scent that’s present with MAC lipsticks? Well it’s pretty bloody close to that. 😋Well done Milani!

If you’re in the UK & fancy getting yourself one of these Milani lippies, they’re available at BeautyCrowd  for £5 each. 

What do you think of the Milani lipstick range? Do you have another drugstore matte lippie favourite?

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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This is not a sponsored post; the products discussed were purchased with my own money.

4 thoughts on “Dark Berry Lip Loveliness ”

  1. I think it’s a nice shade too. I haven’t mastered the art of perfect lip photos either, lol.

    Side not I agree 3 compliments in one hour equals a definite keeper!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s such a lovely shade isn’t it? Should probably note that my chronic illness makes me look like crap the majority of the time so maybe compliments poured forth because people were so stunned to see me looking half human 😆 The lippie is still a keeper though! X


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