£2.30 Sheer Lip Pick-Me-Up

You might not think that there’s much of a connection between living with chronic pain/illness and the makeup & beauty tastes of the person in question. But in my case, ChronicLife has definitely influenced the kind of products I choose & how I use them. I adore perfectly applied & layered lipliners & matte lipsticks but sometimes I need products that can be applied quickly and make me look a little more human with minimal effort. On these occasions, a sheer lipstick can come in very handy. Let’s talk about Essence Sheer & Shine Lipstick in 03 BFF, a little gem I picked up in my recent £20 Beauty Haul.


Having been very impressed with the brand’s nail polishes & Long Lasting Lipsticks , I was pretty confident that their Shine & Sheer range would be nice and I wasn’t disappointed. The formula is indeed very sheer but can be built up quite a bit if that’s your preference. This swatch on my arm was 3 gentle swipes straight from the lipstick:

{Note-I found it particularly difficult to capture the IRL colour of the actual lipstick in these photos; grey Autumn light! But the above swatch is exactly how the shade looks on my skin.}

A single swipe produces coverage that’s similar to a subtle tinted lipbalm. It could of course be worn over a favourite lipliner to combat that dry look that liners can cause when they cover the whole lip. Personally what I like about this lipstick is that I could apply a single coat without a mirror and give my lips a pretty sheen in next to no time. This is very useful if you’re running late for work or, if you’re me, trying to take the edge off the ghostly ill look when visitors knock at the door. 


03 BFF is in my opinion one of those rare shades that would work on any skintone. If it were a matte finish, this might not be the case, but as it’s so sheer & sheeny (that may not be an actual word) it really would look pretty on anyone. 

I think this lipstick is also a good option for a makeup look that involves dramatic eyes; lips will look ‘done’ without distracting from the smokey eye/winged eyeliner main event!


This is another £2.30 triumph from Essence. In terms of wear time, I suspect these lipsticks won’t last through meals but that’s generally the case with sheer lipsticks unless you do some heavy lipliner work underneath. The fact that I could actual apply this with one hand, no mirror and with my head still on my pillow if necessary makes it a winner for me (when you’re chronically ill, sometimes doctors/family come to look at you while you’re in bed or indeed in a hospital bed; big fun 😑). 

Do you like sheer lipsticks or are you totally devoted to matte formulas? Do you have a favourite lip product for days when you’re running late or feeling rough?

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x

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This is not a sponsored post; the products discussed were purchased with my own money.

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