Trying New Things: Natural Handmade Skincare

I received an exciting delivery yesterday; some products that are totally different from the kind I usually buy. I want to tell you about them straight away, so this is a ‘first impressions’ post that will be followed up with more detailed reviews once I’ve given them all a good trial. Let’s dive in:


 These items are from Bear’s Beauty, a company based in Lawrenceville, Georgia (U.S). The products are handmade using natural ingredients, the vast majority of which are organic. The owner of the company, Jerra, got in touch with me having seen a video on my YouTube channel in which I discuss the difficulties of finding products that don’t act as triggers for my Chronic Daily Migraine. Artifical fragrances are a common trigger when you have a broken brain like I do!  So she kindly offered to send me some of her products to try. Having sufferer from severe migraines herself in the past (in addition to other conditions) , she began making natural, free-from-artificial-fragrances products for herself initially. Now she hand makes skincare & body products to order for her customers. The story of how her illnesses led her to eliminating  chemicals from her beauty routines and eventually setting up Bear’s Beauty is really interesting; check it out here. 

I don’t for one minute believe that my Chronic Daily Migraine will vanish if I just switch to all natural products; it is a genetic condition I’ve inherited. That said, less weird smelling chemical stuff in my life to act as a nasty little triggers, the better I say, so it’s high time I tried out some all natural products. I also need to source effective cleaning products that don’t trigger terrible pain within 5 minutes of using them, but that’s another post!


The Bear’s Beauty goodies I will be trying out in the coming weeks are:

  • Bear’s Beauty Deodorant (Lavender & Lemon)
  • Bear’s Beauty Organic Cleansing Oil (Grapefruit)
  • Bear’s Beauty Body Butter (Vanilla)
  • Bear’s Beauty Headache Helper

It was very nice of Jerra to send me these, considering I’m so new to Blogging & YouTube. I’ll be giving my honest opinions on these products though! I genuinely feel that she sent me these products because she thought they’d suit my needs; after all, there are many much bigger beauty bloggers she could approach if all she was after was a good review. I’m just a teeny tiny fledgling blogger! 

I’m looking forward to trying the Cleansing Oil as I’ve never used one before & they’re wildly popular right now. Also the Headache Helper will be really interesting as I already use a similar mainstream product on my forehead & temples during migraines. I’m curious to see how the Bear’s Beauty version compares.


So far I can report that these products each smell amazing in their own ways & don’t appear to be trigger fragrances for me but longer term use will tell. Other than an organic raw cocoa butter I flirted with once, I’ve never used products of this kind so I’m really excited to see how they perform. Keep an eye out for more detailed reviews in upcoming weeks! In the meantime if you’d like to check out the (impressive) range of products available from Bear’s Beauty, you can check out the Etsy Shop here.

Have you tried natural, handmade beauty products? Do you think we should be avoiding chemicals in our beauty & skincare regimes? 

Wishing you good luck & happy days, 

Kindra x

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2 thoughts on “Trying New Things: Natural Handmade Skincare”

  1. I haven’t tried many handmade skincare just due to not being sure about product quality / consistency. Just because something is marked “natural” it doesn’t mean my skin won’t freak out (case in point: I can’t handle peppermint / eucalyptus on my face). I AM trying to give more natural skincare a try – ones that focus on not having fragrance added or too many preservatives. It’s all trial and error though! I’m definitely in the market for a natural deodorant though – I’ve tried a bunch and all have failed for me. I’m just so sweaty! 😛

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    1. Absolutely, skin care be sensitive to a range of things. I’m interested to see how my Chronic Daily Migraine brain responds to non artificial fragrances like lavender & lemon when I use them for a while; the artificial versions tend to start pain above one eye. I’ve never been brave enough to try a deodorant like this but since I’m currently stuck at home most of the time, now seems like a good time to experiment 🙂

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