Bell Hypoallergenic Cosmetics: Primer and Illuminating Powder


Hello beauty lovers! You may remember my £20 Beauty Haul from Beauty Crowd last month. Included in the bundle of gorgeousness were some products from a brand I’ve only just discovered – Bell Hypoallergenic. Now that I’ve had a chance to use them, it’s time to tell you what I think of the Matt&Smooth Makeup Base and Face & Body Illuminating powder.


Now, my broken brain doesn’t allow me to get out of the house much but every time I’ve ventured out in recent weeks  I have used this primer. I been wearing it underneath NYX Matte Not Flat foundation, applied with a dampened blending sponge.

I was a little dubious about this product at first; on the fingers the formula looks a little sparkly and more than a little pink!


I was worried that my skin was going to end up just looking pink & shiny, but actually the product blends easily. It also smells nice without being a migraine trigger, something I always appreciate it products that go anywhere near my face.

I’ve found that this primer works well overall; foundation looks even and smooth on top of it. I’m happy to go on using it as my everyday primer. It forms a bright but not glittery canvas for foundation. Makeup still strays underneath the glasses I have to wear and in the crevices either side of my nose but in fairness I haven’t found a primer anywhere that deals with that yet, despite trying cult favourites from Smashbox, Clinique etc. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this product – I didn’t think a primer from a brand that’s relatively unknown in the UK & also relatively inexpensive would perform so well.


As for the Face & Body Illuminating Powder, I must confess that I didn’t seek this product out & only ended up with it because it came as part of a Bell set. Highlighting is a step in my makeup routine that can often be neglected when I’m struggling to make myself look as well as possible with the minimum amount of effort. I also find it hard to source illuminating powders that will suit my very fair skin, since I’m usually unable to pop out to do some IRL swatching. In short, I got lucky with this product.


 I’m including a couple of swatch photos for you but as you can see the pigment of the powder doesn’t stand out much against my skin tone. It’s hard to say but I suspect that it would blend nicely on other skin tones too. It’s so pretty & shimmery that you only need a light, targeted dusting in my opinion.


Since the shade isn’t overly pink or bronze, it might well serve nicely to highlight collar bone or whatever part of the body you might want to shimmer when going out! It works nicely for me as a facial highlighter as I prefer highlighting products to illuminate without being too pigmented – I like my blushers matte & my highlighters glowy but not over the top. 

I wasn’t expecting to like these products as much as I do. I’ll definitely being checking out the rest of the brand’s range; I wonder what their lipsticks are like….😊

Have you discovered any new drugstore brands lately?

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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This is not a sponsored post; the products discussed were purchased with my own money.

4 thoughts on “Bell Hypoallergenic Cosmetics: Primer and Illuminating Powder”

    1. I live in London. There are lots of drugstore brands of course but I’m familiar with most of the ones that have been available in the UK for ages. I enjoy testing & reviewing brands that are new to the UK.

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