November Glossybox: 1st Impressions


It’s that time of the month again when my Glossybox turns up at my door, bringing a little beauty themed joy to my day. If you’re a regular reader of this blog or have watched any of my YouTube videos, you’ll know that my life is currently dominated by chronic pain (Chronic Daily Migraine & Fibromyalgia -they’re as fun as they sound); it’s lovely to receive this monthly treat in the post. Makes a nice change from bills & medical letters! Without further ado, let’s jump straight in to looking at what the pretty pink box contained this month.


Out of the 5 products this month, 3 are full size and the other 2 are decent travel sizes; not bad at all for Β£10 + Β£3.25 p&p. The product I was exited about in advance is the Revlon Lustrous Lipstick:


For the first time, subscribers were informed in advance that one item in the November box would be this lipstick & were given a choice between 4 shade options. I went for pink shade ‘Tea in the Afternoon’ & it looks lovely. Being able to select a shade in advance was great but I also like the fact that there was an option to leave the choice up to the Glossybox packers, for those who prefer to live dangerously πŸ™‚ I haven’t worn this lipstick yet but have conducted the sniff test (migraine brain doesn’t like strong smells) and I can’t detect any fragrance at all – yay! I’m expecting decent wear time from this product; this range is popular for good reason.



The full size MUA Eyeshadow Palette is a nice addition to this month’s box. The colours look perfect for this time of year. As gorgeous as it is, I don’t currently use eyeshadow beyond a pale nude below the brow line / inner corner of eye to brighten. Getting Botox treatment for my condition sounds like a perk of Chronic Life but actually it’s pretty rubbish – 32 injections around head & neck, you’d think I’d look 10 years younger, right? Noooooo. Botox has in fact caused VERY puffy eyelids, absolutely killed my eyeshadow game (I can still apply liquid eyeliner if I’m careful, so not all is lost!)

It’s nice to see a larger palette being included; I’m sure eyeshadow lovers will enjoy playing with these green/taupe/teal shades. I’m gazing at it wondering if I should crack it open & experiment one more time with eyeshadow post-Botox…


The Royal Apothic Body Lotion is a product that should be a handy little indulgence for most subscribers. I love body lotions & butters and will certainly try this one out. The packaging has a gorgeous old-fashioned and distinctly British vibe, which is not surprising as the American founder of the brand found his initial inspiration in the form of an old apothecary volume in a Notting Hill bookshop. 

This product is a nice size in my opinion; a travel/hand bag size that will last a good while so you can really trial it before deciding whether to invest in the full size. I know I should be less obsessed with packaging, but I can’t help looking at this product & pondering how gorgeous a collection of similarly themed items would look on a dressing table 😍.

Similarly, the Eylure Naturalites false lashes are bound to be popular. I don’t use false lashes these days, but that’s mainly down to my conditions keeping me largely housebound right now. Most of my ventures into the outside world tend to involve visits to medical venues, so falsies might look like overkill! These lashes are exactly the type I would have chosen for going out back in the day though; full enough but not over the top. I think I’ll hang on to them in the hope that I’ll be well enough to wear them again some day in the not-too-distant future 😊.


I was really pleased to find the Emite Makeup Diamond Heart Primer (Illuminating) in my box. I LOVE trying out new primers. Admittedly I tend to buy ones with ‘mattifying’ or ‘oil control’ in the name, as I’m scared that anything else might make me even shinier. But since this illuminating one has arrived in my Glossybox, it would be rude not to give it a try! I tend to have an open mind re. primers, mostly because I’ve tried some cult classics that turned out to be useless & some inexpensive, sometimes unfamiliar brands that turned out to be suprisingly good! This brand is new to me so I have no preconceived ideas about quality; if it turns out to be fabulous I will of course write it a post of it’s very own.


Overall I’m pleased with this month’s Glossybox. It’s a nice mixture of brands I’m familiar with & some that are new to me. The combined of RRP of the included products isn’t as high as some months but you’re still getting value for money. The travel sizes are pretty generous in my opinion, especially when compared with those included in other subscription boxes in this price range. While it’s nice to get smaller versions of high end products, I don’t mind receiving drugstore products sometimes; at least if we like the product, more of us can afford to buy it in the future! 

If you’d like to give Glossybox a go, you can check out their website & subscribe here.

Do you have a favourite subscription box?

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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This is not sponsored post; the products discussed were purchased with my own money.

4 thoughts on “November Glossybox: 1st Impressions”

    1. Absolutely! Was sorely tempted by Black Cherry but told myself to be sensible as I have already got several dark shades for Autumn (I always get more than I can possibly wear! I have a lipstick problem πŸ˜‰
      It was a lovely box this month wasn’t it πŸ‘πŸΌ x


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