Trying New Things: Lavender Body Oil from acuRegen


Bizarre as it sounds, I’d rarely used an oil for body or bath until this Lavender Body Oil from acuRegen arrived in the post. I’ve always been wary of them; I assumed that all oils would have such strong fragrances that my Chronic Daily Migraine brain would protest (that’s never good).

I agreed to trial and review this one though  because I actually like the smell of lavender when it’s natural, as opposed to chemically produced scents which can act as a trigger. Soaking in hot water is soothing for my Fibromyalgia related aches too so I took the opportunity to use this produce both as a body moisturiser after showering and as a bath oil by adding a couple of drops to the running water.


As a bath oil I found this product to be easier to use than the one I tried previously. The bottle instructions tell you to use one or two drops while running the bath. The pump dispenser actually dispenses a decent size drop at a time which is more important than you might think; the last oil I tried had to be poured straight from a small hole in the top, making it hard to avoid pouring too much product and turning bath time into a big slippery mess!

The fragrance of the oil in the bath was noticeable but mild when using two drops. You could add an extra one or two if you felt so inclined but I wouldn’t; using the directed amount made my skin feel smooth but not greasy. 


I was a bit sceptical about using the oil directly on my skin as I wondered if the fragrance might be overpowering. Actually I’m glad I tried it – the fragrance is obviously stronger than when it’s used in the bath but it settles very quickly into a soothing scent that I find pleasant. And most importantly, my broken brain didn’t object at all; yay!

I applied the oil while my skin was still damp straight after bathing and I was really impressed with how soft & smooth my skin felt afterwards. There was no greasy residue to be patted away with a towel as I experienced with the other oil I tried. A little goes a long way – I used two drops (pumps) per leg & arm and that was plenty. I used it on my legs after shaving and despite my skin being a little sensitive, there was no stinging or anything unpleasant. 

I’m glad I took a chance on this product. It’s nice in the bath but excellent as a body oil applied directly to damp skin. It can also be added to your favourite body lotion if you’d like. What with my chronic pain conditions keeping me house & bedbound so much of the time, I appreciate nice products that feel like a treat & don’t upset my brain. The lavender fragrance is definitely soothing if I’m forced back to back to bed with the pain, as I always am at some point during almost every day. It isn’t unusual for me to have a bath/shower and a change of clothes just to feel fresh before I head back to bed (it’s a strange life I live at the moment). I have read that lavender is supposed to help you feel relaxed and is often used in the form of linen spray to aide restful sleep. I can see now how that might be true! 

This brand is almost new to me (I received a product of theirs in a beauty box a while ago but haven’t reviewed it individually yet).  I decided to trial & review the Lavender Body Oil before taking a glance at their website; I didn’t want to be in any way influenced & aimed to write an honest review based solely on my experience of the product. I’ve just checked the price – £32.99 for 100ml. That’s a significant price tag! In all honesty that’s far more than I’d usually spend on a bath/body product. But having used the oil, I’d be happy to put this product on my Christmas/Birthday wishlist. I’m also going to check out the acuRegen website in more depth & see what other goodies they have 😊.

Have you tried oils for body or bath? Are there any floral scents that you love or loath?

Wishing you good luck & happy,

Kindra x

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This product was sent to me to trial & review. I do not work for the brand and am not obliged to give a positive review. All opinions are my own. 

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