Christmas Beauty Gift Ideas – Part 1 (Lips, Beauty Boxes and Skin Care)

CHRISTMAS IS COMING; yay! πŸŽ„πŸŽ‰ Before we get to the fun bit of watching kids get giddy & eating delicious yet very fattening food with our (sometimes drunk & feuding) relatives, it’s time to get gift shopping.


A Twitter buddy of mine (hi @Johnp45!) asked my advice on a beauty gift for his wife for Christmas. It gave me this idea to create a couple of ‘gift idea’ posts, not just for husbands but for anyone pondering what to get for the beauty addict in their life or indeed anyone who might like to look after their skin or play with makeup. So let’s dive in with some ideas & advice.
{A quick note: I’m not an expert or trendsetter; just a woman who loves all things beauty! I tend to focus on online shopping due to being stranded at home with my fun Chronic Pain conditions.}

For the beauty addict who likes surprises:

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that I’m partial to a good beauty box. Most beauty boxes are a monthly subscription service, which means you are billed the same amount every month and a box of goodies is delivered to your door each month. The one I’m signed up with is Glossybox  (November’s box is pictured below) but there are many different types of box; I recommend checking out Which Beauty Box UK for reviews to help you decide which one best suits the person you’re buying for (for example, LoveLula is ideal for people who prefer natural beauty products).

 Subscription boxes can usually be gifted, which means you pay for the person to receive 3/6/12 months of the chosen box. This gift is ideal for somebody who likes the element of surprise & enjoys trying out new products.


There are also some boxes available to purchase immediately; pop one in a gift bag and it’s ready to go under the tree. Check out Latest in Beauty for a lovely selection of boxes (most of which cost Β£15.95 – Β£24.95 each); they have a 3 for 2 offer on right now too. For higher end, more expensive boxes, check out Cohorted; their Black Edition boxes are proving popular with beauty bloggers. 

For the lip product addict:

If the person you’re buying for is a ‘never-leave-home-without-lippie’ type soul, a gift that includes lip products is a good way to go. Exactly what type of lip product depends on how familiar you are with their lip related taste. For example, you might know that your best friend or spouse is a big fan of red lipsticks. There are certain shades of red that suit most skin tones; here are a couple of suggestions:


If putting all your eggs in one basket by choosing just one shade makes you nervous, think about sets that include several quality lipsticks in various shades. I particularly like the shades included in the set from Clinique:


If selecting high end lipsticks makes you feel a little out of your depth, there are other lip options. Sets that include balms and/or tints, rather than one stand out shade, leave less room for error & accidentally buying something that the recipient will never use. Here are a couple of suggestions that I think most lip product addicts would enjoy receiving & actually use:
 N.B. The little bottles of tint in the Benefit set are multitasking products; they can be used on cheeks as well as lips. I like multitasking products in gift sets – the way I see it, it increases the chances of the recepient using the product 😊.

For the Skin Care obsessed:

Skin Care can be tricky but if you get it right, it makes a lovely gift.  If you happen to know exactly which brand the person likes & what their skin type is, it’s as easy as going to the beauty counter & letting the staff suggest some options for you.

If you’re not sure of their skin type, it’s worth thinking about what they have mentioned lately re. Skin Care concerns. Are they thinking about switching to anti-ageing products? Are they becoming aware of fine lines or dark circles under the eyes? Have they been pondering which face mask to try? Here are a few suggestions to inspire you:


This GlamGlow set is almost guaranteed to be a winner with any Skin Care fan. I like the fact that you get 3 varieties rather than one large jar of one type – great for experimenting. It also includes some eye product which is a bonus. As you can see it’s not cheap, so the recepient can try out the 3 masks & choose a favourite before investing in a larger jar of one. I’d love to receive this set!


The Elemis Pro Collagen range is popular with people who are interested in fighting the signs of aging and really looking after their skin as they mature. That doesn’t mean the recepient has to be in the 50+ age range though; a lot of us start looking for effective anti-aging products when we hit our 30s. Of course you’d be wise to consider how the person you’re buying for feels about their age; “Are you saying I look OLD?!” is not a conversation you want to be having on Christmas morning! The Elmis site has larger (& obviously more expensive) sets in this vein too. 


The No 7 Protect & Perfect range has been popular for a few years now & continues to get rave reviews. If you opt for one of these gift sets, make sure it includes the serum; it has gained something of a cult following. It’s worth noting that if the person you’re buying for is 40+ you may want to go for the Intense version of these products such as the set pictured above. I especially like the eye cream. Again, personally I’d love to receive this set myself.

I’ll be back soon with a follow up post with other types of beauty gift ideas that may inspire you in the run up to Christmas.

Do you give makeup or skincare as gifts at Christmas? What do you think about gifting beauty box subscriptions? 

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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Note: this post is not sponsored. All opinion are my own & I do not work for or with any of the brands mentioned.

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