Lipstick Haul Sneak Peek: Bell Cosmetics at Beauty Crowd


I am not by nature a particularly patient person. So when I have new lip products to test drive & review, I just can’t resist showing them to you guys as soon as possible. As you probably know by now, my Chronic Life (Chronic Daily Migraine & Fibromyalgia) has a nasty habit of keeping me housebound and incapacitated to the point where I can’t sit up & apply makeup. It can therefore take me a while to locate the upright hours for makeup testing & review writing. It could be a good few weeks before I’ve had a chance to try some of these beauties out & review them but in the meantime, let me show you what I snapped up from Beauty Crowd:


The two Hypoallergenic Creamy Lipsticks (silver tubes) – RRP £4.95 each. Shades 02 & 25.

Two Hypoallergenic Intense Colour Moisturising Lipsticks (black crayons) – RRP £3.95 each. Shades 02 & 04.

Two Hypoallergenic Soft Colour Moisturing Lipsticks (crayons same colour as lipstick shade) – RRP £3.95 each. Shades 02 & 06.

One Hypoallergenic Liquid  Lip Lacquer – £3.95 each. Shade 05.


Having been impressed with the Primer & Illuminating Face Powder I bought from the brand, I have high hopes for these lipsticks. Keep an eye out for upcoming reviews on each type of Bell cosmetics lipstick I have to play with 😊. Now, if my broken brain would just cooperate so I can get out of the house & give them a proper test drive!

Have you bought any ‘drugstore’ lipsticks lately? 

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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Disclaimer: I am a Beauty Crowd Pro member (a programme that all beauty bloggers can apply to) so occasionally certain products are available to me at a discount. If I have purchased products  to review at a discount, this disclaimer will appear at the bottom of the post. I am not obliged to give products a positive review & all opinions are my own. 

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