Little Ondine Nail Polish: An Odourless + Peelable Favourite!


I always think it’s a good sign when a blogger reviews a product line for the first time then continues purchasing & using the products afterwards. I have used Little Ondine nail polishes many times since my first post & I’m wearing a newly purchased shade right now, I thought I’d take the opportunity to show it you guys 😊.


The navy blue shade is called Jubilee and the base & top is Secret. But first things first; here are the reasons I have become obsessed with this brand:

  • The formula is totally odourless! This is a huge deal for people like me who live with Chronic Daily Migraine; most of us are sensitive to fragrances and they can actually trigger physical pain.
  • It’s peelable. When you want to change colour you can literally peel it off, usually in one whole nail shaped piece!
  • These polishes contain no chemicals. This isn’t usually a deal breaker for me but if a chemical free alternative exists and works well then I’ll go for that. The formula is made up of natural resins, organic colourants and water.
  • The formula dries fast; always good when it comes to nail products.



This specific shade is a winner for me. Rich navy blue shades are a favourite that I return to again and again. It’s an elegant alternative for those who find black a little too stark. Two coats of Jubilee was enough to get the coverage I wanted.

This was the first time I’d used Secret and I used it as a top coat. The formula peels off so cleanly that I haven’t found it necessary to use it as a base coat yet. Secret provided a little extra shine & does help length wear time in my opinion. It can also be used every couple of days to revive your colour in the same way a traditional top coat would.  

I really don’t have anything negative to say about these nail polishes; they are fabulous. The formula is different to traditional varnish of course so it may take a little getting used to – working with resin means you have to keep an eye out for air bubbles in a way you never really had to before. That’s a small price to pay for the odourless & peelable gorgeousness of these products though! 

Have you tried Little Ondine polishes? What did you think?

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. All the products in this post were purchased with my own money at their usual price. I have no connection with the brand.

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