Little Ondine Winter Wonderland Set


Hi Beauty Addicts!  I’ve had even more high pain days than usual this week, so I’m keeping this post relatively brief…I’d like to show you a Black Friday nail polish purchase that I’ve been playing with, before I have to retreat back to the dark again!

I grabbed myself the Winter Wonderland set from Little Ondine – pretty sparkly shades for Christmas 😊. For details of the odourless, peelable formula, check out my last Little Ondine post. 

The Winter Wonderland set includes three polishes: a glittery red (Poinsettia), a sparkle shade with gold, green & red glitter (Mistletoe) and a white/silver shade (Snowflakes). 


The navy shade in the above pics is Jubilee; the sparkle is provided by Mistletoe from the Wonderland collection. I used 2 coats of Jubilee and 1 of Mistletoe. I love sparkle over dark but tend to avoid it because glittery polishes tend to be a nightmare to get off, but since this brand peels of that’s not a problem. Yay!


This look was produced by applying two coats of Poinsettia and adding Mistletoe on top. I think this is a really pretty look for Christmas; if it’s a little too glittery for your taste it could be used as a single accent nail on the ring finger. For both of the above looks I added a coat of Secret, Little Ondine’s base & top coat. It’s excellent for increasing wear time and should a little corner of your colour start to peel before you want it to, Secret is very handy for sealing everything in place for a while longer. 

I’m looking forward to trying out the Snowflakes shade; I think it’s going to be gorgeous over a deep purple base.

Do you have particular nails looks that you like for Christmas time?

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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