Creamy Lipstick from Bell Cosmetics – On Sale for £3.46!


Hi Guys! I went to have my 3-monthly Botox treatment for the Chronic Daily Migraine yesterday; approximately 30 injections into the shoulders, neck, scalp, temples & forehead. Yes, it’s as much fun as it sounds.

So I brightened the day for myself by taking one of my new lipsticks for a test drive. I chose a Hypoallergenic Creamy Lipstick from my recent Bell Cosmetics Lipstick Haul at Beauty Crowd. The shade is 25 and I LOVE it. {Check out end of post for details of where to purchase and price}


It’s a pretty, somewhat dusky, berry shade that I think suits my fair skin well. I have a couple of other similar shades in my collection but they are dark enough to look like a ‘statement lip’ on me; this one is softer and can be worn in the day without looking over the top. 

The formula is not matte, the first non-matte lipstick I’ve worn for a while. This lipstick has a creamy, moisturising feel to it and is super comfortable to wear. I think the formula also contributes to the softer look that makes it a great daytime option. I wore a gentle dusky nude lipliner underneath that helped with wear time but didn’t change the overall colour (in case you’re wondering, it’s an Essence liner in shade 06 Satin Mauve). 


Since I was out of the house, I took the opportunity to snap a couple of selfies to show you how it looked in daylight. The above pic is me standing in Queen Square (West London) before heading in for my Botox. Since my condition forces me to wear shades even in December, I figured taking a selfie couldn’t make me look much weirder 😜.


This one was taken in the cab on our way and provides an accurate illustration of just how pale I am!

I really like this lipstick and see myself reaching for it regularly. The one thing to be aware of is that I found the shades on screen to be quite different from the way they look IRL. With this shade, it worked out fine. With shade 02 however the lipstick was far too peachy & therefore not a shade I’d intentionally choose for myself. I sent it straight to my friend & fellow Chronic Migraine warrior Annie (if you’re a CM sufferer you should follow her: @Saffronbread) who likes such shades. It looked gorgeous on her & she was impressed with the formula too.

This range of lipsticks is available at BeautyCrowd and the RRP is £4.95 but they are currently on sale for £3.46 – bargain! 

What’s your favourite daytime lipstick at the moment?

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x

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Disclaimer: I am a Beauty Crowd Pro member (a programme that all beauty bloggers can apply to) so occasionally certain products are available to me at a discount. If I have purchased products to review at a discount, this disclaimer will appear at the bottom of the post. I am not obliged to give products a positive review & all opinions are my own

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