My Latest MAC Lipstick: The Ellie Goulding Collection 

Oh how I love checking out new collections at MAC 😍. I’m by no means a ‘beauty guru’ so I’ve learnt a couple of things in the last year or so. For example, some new products join the permanent range immediately, while others are celebrity collaborations and/or Limited Edution. Sometimes products aren’t as ‘Limited Edition’ as you might think; I spotted a prettily packaged lipstick in a LE collection a few months back that was in fact just one of the permanent shades that cost a little more because it was in an LE collection and had packaging of a different colour!  

{I refer to such collections as ‘Limited Edition’ because the products/shades don’t usually form part of the permanent product range  but are usually available to purchase for a limited time only}


Having said all of that, I always take a gleeful look at new collections to see if there’s anything I fall in love with & the Ellie Goulding Collection was no exception. It’s made up of a nice selection of products such as false lashes, mascara, blusher, a couple of palettes & some lovely brushes. If you’re a MAC fan or general makeup addict, it’s well worth checking out.

The products that stood out to me were, unsurprisingly, the two lipsticks. The limited edition shades are Only You and Without Your Love & after much debate with myself, I opted for the latter. 


Let’s start with the packaging. It’s pretty, elegant and understated. What I like most about the packaging is the little touches. The rose gold triangle and EG logo appear on both the tube and the box. Even the inside of the box is gold 😊. The logo is also carved into the the lipstick itself. 


Both the shade and the formula make this lipstick a rather unusual purchase for me. I’m generally a fan of shades in the mauve or burgundy area & tend to go for a matte finish. Without Your Love is more of a pale coral/pinkish nude in a cremesheen finish, but somehow it called out to me! 


The forumla is both sheer & sheeny in nature. Again, pretty and understated are the words that spring to mind. I think this is a shade that can be used all year round and is suitable for both day & nighttime makeup looks. I plan to wear it on those occasions when I’m wearing black liquid eyeliner and have some serious lash action going on. I don’t expect this finish to compare to MAC matte lipsticks in terms of wear time, but this can be remedied at least in part but using a suitable nude lipliner underneath. 


I’m glad I took a risk & ordered this lipstick; in fact I wished I’d ordered Only You as well! I think this shade is going to be super easy to wear and will work beautifully with darker eye makeup. The glorious fragrance and attention to detail re. packaging are elements that really make MAC lipsticks feel like a luxurious treat. This is the first Cremesheen finish lipstick I’ve purchased from MAC and I won’t be so quick to dismiss the formula in future. 


What do you think of the Ellie Goulding collection?

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. Products discussed in this post were bought with my own money.

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