£2.50 Brow Gel from Essence 

 I’m a little late to the party re. the importance of eyebrows to a makeup look. It’s only in the last year that I’ve started using an eyebrow pencil to fill in my brows and a subtle highlight below the brow every single time I apply makeup; it has become a beauty essential to me!


I usually use an eyebrow pencil for everyday brows and sometimes add a little powder if I get the urge. During a recent venture to Wilko to grab some Essence products, I spotted an eyebrow gel mascara and decided to give it a go. It only cost £2.50 so it wasn’t an expensive experiment.


I’ve used ‘make me brow’ a few times and I really like it. It’s quick & easy to use and while the colour appears stark at first, when brushed through with a spoolie brush, it evened out nicely. The very end of the wand can pick up a bit too much product (as many traditional mascaras do), but as long as you remember to glance at it before applying to brows, it’s not a problem. 


Below is a photo of how my brows looked the first time I used ‘make me brow’. Once I’d used the product and brushed it through a little, I added a tiny amount of the medium brown powder from the above MUA palette with a slanted brush. This step wasn’t strictly necessary but I felt that it softened the overall colour of the brows a little. 


{Not a very clear photo I know, but my selfie taking opportunities have been very much limited by my health, or lack there of, lately}

 My brows never quite look even these days, thanks to the 32 injections of Botox I get in the scalp, temples, forehead for my Chronic Daily Migraine 😁. However, my brows stayed neat and tidy all day, probably helped a little by the NYX Matte Fixing Spray I use to set whenever I apply makeup.
I’m glad I tried this product and I’ll certainly keep using it. I think finding your preferred methods for using makeup on brows takes time and there’s a lot of personal taste involved. I like having powders, pencils and gel mascara to hand so I can experiment and also alter my routine to fit the amount of time & energy I have on any given day. This product can easily be used alone with a spoolie brush to comb it through. I’d recommend making sure that there isn’t too much product on the wand before applying; it’s easier to add more than remove excess once it’s been applied.

Do you use brow gel mascara? Do you prefer powder or pencils?

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x

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6 thoughts on “£2.50 Brow Gel from Essence ”

    1. I was surprised actually that it was so effective and so cheap 👍🏼 good for people like me I think, who like doing their brows and trying new stuff out but aren’t brow experts 🙂 x


  1. I’ve heard of people getting Botox shots for migraines – wow, 32 of them!
    I don’t use brow gels since I don’t really have a lot of brow hairs – I try to mimic brow hairs with powders and pencils instead.

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