Review: Emite Makeup’s Diamond Heart Base Primer

I’m always on the look out for a great primer. Finding the right one can make such as difference to the look and longevity of foundation. So I was pleased to find this one tucked into my Glossybox a couple of months back. 


This isn’t the kind of primer I’d usually choose; the word ‘illuminating’ tends to put me off. I have combination/oily skin and my nose especially enjoys mocking me by being ludicrously greasy. For this reason I generally try primers that are designed for my skin type and/or claim to be mattifying. ‘Illuminating’ makes me think ‘shiny’ and I’m quite shiny enough already!


In the case of the Diamond Heart Base Primer, ‘illuminating’ turned out to mean a glowy and even finish, so I was pleasantly surprised. It really does create a soft focus effect when applied to the skin. The product looks a pinky/peachy colour when you squeeze it out of the tube but not so on the skin (not on mine at least; I am very fair skinned so any significant hint of colour would probably show up on me). The forumla of the product is thin enough that it’s easy to spread and doesn’t feel at all heavy on the skin. 


My foundation lasts well on top of this primer and definitely sits more smoothly and evenly than it would if I skipped the primer step. Admittedly my glasses play havoc where they sit on the nose but no primer I’ve ever used has been able to make the foundation in that area stay put for long and not do weird things. If you are blessed with clear skin, this primer could be worn alone or just with a BB cream, especially in the summer months. I like the subtle rosy glow it creates on bare skin. I’m impressed enough to check out the brand and see what other goodies they have; if you’d like to do the same click here for their website.

What’s your favourite primer?

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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