Makeup Revolution Haul: 1st Impressions 

 When I received an email announcing a half price sale at Makeup Revolution, I made a little squealing sound of glee. My squeals went up an octave when I found out that some of the products on my wishlist were included in the sale – yay! The goodies I ordered have now arrived and I just have to show them to you.


I’ve picked up a couple of Makeup Revolution products before at Superdrug; a highlighter that was lovely and a lipstick that I liked but had fragrance that was a little strong for my Chronic Migraine brain. So this time I went for cheek palettes, a brow kit and some brushes. 

The blush palette and highlight palette actually came together as a set, along with the two brushes shown on the left of the above pic. This set would usually cost £12 but cost £6 in the sale.


The brow kit cost £4 in the sale. It’s much bigger than I expected but I have no problem with that as I don’t  intend to carry it around with me! I like the fact that the mirror inside is nice and wide, so you can look at both eyes without having to move the mirror from side to side trying to see if you brows are even.


The packaging is sturdy and doesn’t feel at all cheap and flims. I have only just begun playing with these products, but I can tell you that the blushes are REALLY pigmented, which took me by surprise the first time I applied one! The right blush can really help me in my unending quest to not look as poorly as the Chronic Daily Migraine & Fibromyalgia make me feel, so it’s great to have 8 shades to try out.

The angled blush brush does it’s job well. All the brushes are soft and don’t feel rough against the skin. The large powder brush doesn’t really distribute powder quite as well as my large kabuki brush but all the brushes are still great. They were also amazing value; they cost £6 for the set in the sale.


I’m looking forward to trying out every shade and brush; it’s a shame I can only wear one or two blush/highlights at a time!

Are you a Makeup Revolution fan? Which of their products is your favourite?

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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14 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Haul: 1st Impressions ”

  1. I didn’t even know Revolution makes brushes! We don’t have this brand here but I got a blush palette through a swap and it’s fantastic! Great deal you got with the half price sale. 🙂

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  2. ** Squee! ** Isn’t that a fantastic feeling when the MR package arrives at your door?! I hope that you have loads of fun playing with them. BTW.. I deal with chronic pain too.. psoriatic arthritis, among other things, and I absolutely believe that the pain is never is as strong as the strength of a fabulous lipstick or eyeshadow look. Bling on, my sister! ((sending lots of love from Northern California))

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    1. Hi! The arrival of makeup at my door makes me happy and I’m not ashamed to admit it 🙂 Us chronic pain warriors deserve these little things to cheer us up & help us face the world. I have ‘hospital visit chic’ makeup look down to a fine art (my prescription shades also play an important part in this look).
      Thanks so much for stopping by & commenting! Lots of love from East London x


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