Essence Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes can be soooo expensive and in my experience the price doesn’t always equate with quality as you might expect. I’m by no means an expert, but I do know that my favourite brush is a lovely large kabuki that came free with some mineral makeup I ordered from a small independent company; the Bare Minerals one I paid full price for was something of a disappointment (bristles fell out and it fell apart into two pieces 😑).

The brushes I’m reviewing today are really inexpensive but I’m enjoying them, so I thought I’d tell you guys about them. I bought them from Wilko as part of a recent   haul  made up mostly of Essence products. 


These brushes cost between £1.49 and £3 each. The pastel shades and white detailing might not be to everyone’s taste; I think they’re cute but some people might find them a little teenage-ish. The black & pink of the blusher brush is a winner for any dressing table.


The lilac powder brush does a decent job with pressed and loose powder. The bristles are soft and don’t irritate my skin at all. I still prefer my big kabuki but this is a little smaller so it’s handy to have. The black blusher brush is a great size and shape for either blush or highlight depending on the kind of coverage you’re going for; I like using it for a subtle wash of colour using a relatively sheer blush formula.

The brush I’ve used most so far is the green eyeliner brush. I’ve been experimenting with various techniques and formulas for my brows and this brush is perfect for applying powders. It’s dense enough to be firm without being prickly. I much prefer it to the shorter versions that come with brow kits.

The two eye brushes feel soft and sturdy; I’m still figuring out my eye makeup since the Botox for Chronic Daily Migraine has done some weird puffy things to my eyelids. These two will definitely come in handy for my experiments!


Overall I’m pretty impressed with these brushes. I don’t know how they will perform after several washes, but they’re so cheap that they can easily be replaced if you’re someone who likes to rotate/replace brushes regularly. They’re soft and don’t trouble my skin as more expensive brushes have in the past. They’re pretty and sturdy; if you’re new to the world of makeup brushes or just like to have a variety of shapes and sizes to play with, these fit the bill. They’re also great if, like me, you have a small child at home who occasionally steals a brush or two; at these prices I won’t cry if one is damaged. If I’d paid Mac prices for them I would probably have a tantrum of my own!

Do you have a favourite makeup brush? Do you buy both cheap drugstore and high-end brushes?

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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Note: this is not a sponsored post. All products were purchased with my own money.

3 thoughts on “Essence Makeup Brushes”

  1. I have these brushes and they are ok. They will wash up well. They will not lose any hairs. The packing brush is good and the blender is ok. I prefer a tapered blender, but for the price point it is what it is. It is a little scratchy. I prefer natural hair brushes for the eyes as they are softer. I think that they would be better for your condition. If you look on my blog you will find a post on a set of brushes from Ovonni 29 pieces for $49.99. These are great brushes for the money. There is a link on my blog. They have many different types of sets to choose from if you do not need so many brushes too. I highly recommend these for someone just starting out in the brush game. They are all super soft and hold up well through washing. I love the case they came in, it is super handy. Great post! I also bought these brushes. I thought the eye brushes were good until I got my Ovonni set. Then I saw what a better eye brush was supposed to do and feel like on the eye. I think these brushes are meant for teenagers, not adults who are serious about makeup.

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    1. Thanks for commenting and your recommendation. These are not the only brushes I own 🙂
      They’ve joined my other brushes and I particularly like the slanted eyeliner one as a brush for brow powder. The point of the post was to see what quality was like in really cheap brushes.
      I did mention that some people will view them as teenagerish, but that’s what you get for £1.49 – £3. I wanted to should what you can get if money is really tight. I’m too sick to work right now but when I teaching treating myself better brushes was a good investment.

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      1. I agree that brush is good for brows. Although, in my Ovonni set the slanted liner brush is firmer so, it works a bit better. But if someone is on a real tight budget, this brush would do just fine. 😉

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