Mac Soar and Brave – Worth the Hype? 

By this time you can probably spot someone wearing a Mac Lipliner in Soar at 20 paces. It has been most commonly paired with Velvet Teddy in the last couple of years, thanks to Kylie Jenner. If you read the very first post I ever wrote for this blog, you’ll remember that Velvet Teddy and I endured a messy breakup; I just couldn’t make it work. Gorgeous as it looks on pretty much everybody else, it just looked an unattractive flat brown on me. So during my recent Mac haul, I purchased Brave along with Soar instead.



These two products make a gorgeous combination. I wear Soar over the entire lips rather than just outlining with it. This is a long wearing lipliner and as such can be a little drying but not enough to be a problem in my opinion. I use a fingertip to soften and gently spread the colour while leaving a neat outline in place.


I follow this with a coat of Brave straight from the tube, then blot and apply a final coat. Brave is a Satin finish but if you fancy going for a matte look, this can easily be achieved by laying a single sheet of tissue onto the lips and lightly dusting loose powder over it. I don’t usually bother mattifying this lip look but it’s always an option. I think it’s definitely worth taking the time to fully line lips, apply lipstick, blot & reapply though; the resulting lip look survives eating a meal much better than non-matte lipsticks usually do and requires minimal touching up during the day.


Brave is much better suited to my skin tone than Velvet Teddy. There’s a very subtle pinkish tone running through it that softens the brown and stops it looking stark & flat on me. The formula is creamy and very comfortable to wear, even with lipliner on the entire lips underneath. The hint of mauve in Soar works beautifully with Brave and the result is a lip look that’s good for everyday. For me it’s a lip combination I can go with when I don’t have the time or energy to give it much thought – I know these two products will be a winner every time. There are of course a range of nude/mauve/brown lip products out there but Soar and Brave (and indeed Velvet Teddy if the shade suits you) are in my opinion worth the higher end price tags. 


That’s me, taking a quick pic of the Soar/Brave look for you. You should probably ignore everything but my lips; I was feeling very sickly, pain was starting to climb and I was on my way out for an MRI scan (my life is so glamorous).

Do you have a favourite lipliner/lipstick combo? Which Mac lipstick are you obsessed with?

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x

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10 thoughts on “Mac Soar and Brave – Worth the Hype? ”

  1. Soar matches better with Brave imo. I like this colour on you a lot! I’m still eyeing Brave… I passed up on it the last time and got Party Line instead, because I suspect I already own something really similar to Brave.

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