Mac Pro Longwear Foundation: Review 

As you may have noticed from my profile picture either here or on Twitter, I am REALLY pale. My background is Irish, so I’m that kinda milk white that burns in the sun after 3 minutes but never tans. This makes buying foundation on the high street (or ‘drugstore’ as Americans call it) nearly impossible. 9 times out of 10, the lightest shade in any range will be too dark for me. So when I went to Mac to make use of the gift cards I received at Christmas, I decided that a liquid foundation that actually matched my skin was a priority. You can check out my Mac haul here.


I opted for Pro Longwear as I have a ludicrously oily t-zone and two chronic pain conditions, both of which play havoc with my temperature; I need a foundation that won’t easily melt off! This forumla definitely stays put longer than any drugstore foundation I’ve tried. I’d describe it as medium- full coverage depending on how you choose to apply it. I personally prefer to apply with my fingers and do a little blending with a beauty blender.


This foundation easily covers the red patches my skin is prone to. I’m quite lucky in that I rarely get angry looking spots but I imagine this would cover such blemishes well. I have some very red broken capillaries around my nose though, the result of over-enthusiastic use of harsh pore stripes in my teens. This foundation does a pretty good job of covering them, certainly better than any other foundation I’ve tried.


The shade looks both a fraction too dark and a little too yellow when swatched but as soon as I start to spread and blend it over my face it blends in with my skin tone seamlessly. Once I have set the foundation with a little translucent setting powder, the finish is lovely and even. A little goes a long way with this product and there’s no need to apply layers of it; personally I think that would ruin the finish. Adding a dab more in places that need it is a better way to go.


I like the fact that the pump on the Pro Longwear Foundation can be twisted slightly in order to lock the pump when it isn’t in use. If your makeup lives in a large bag it’s a handy way to ensure that product doesn’t accidentally get squirted everywhere. The packaging is glass like the Pro Longwear Concealer and while it does feel nice and substantial, I worry that dropping it once onto a solid surface could end badly. 

Overall this is definitely my new favourite foundation. The range of shades at Mac is excellent and the finish you get with this product is exactly to my taste – it covers imperfections well and as long as you don’t apply it with a trowl it doesn’t look cakey. Mac products aren’t cheap but considering how many cheaper foundations I’ve bought that turn out to be too dark (despite being the lightest in the range) this foundation represents good value for money for me. 

Do you have a favourite Mac foundation? Do you use a drugstore foundation that you prefer to high end ones?

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x

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