Mac Cherry Lipliner and Brave Red Lipstick: Review 

I’ve become obsessed with Mac lipsticks in the last year or so and have looked at/swatched lots and bought quite a few; I thought I had a pretty good idea what lip products I wanted to include in my recent Mac haul. So imagine my surprise when I spotted a shade of lipstick I’d never heard of and fell in love! The lipliner I bought as a companion product is more well known & definitely doesn’t disappoint.


The lipliner I chose is the shade Cherry and the lipstick is a Cremesheen finish called Brave Red.

The lipliner in Cherry is a popular shade; some people wear it with Ruby Woo. It is an absolutely gorgeous shade. I often wore red on my lips prior to my Chronic Migraine becoming Daily. It wasn’t unusual for me to rock a red lip look for work as well as for going out in the evening. Since my ventures out into the world are now largely medical appointment related, I haven’t had much chance to indulge my love of red lips lately. It occurred to me recently that I don’t currently own a go-to red lipstick & liner; I had to remedy this 😊.

 This lipliner is exactly the right shade for my very fair skin. Anything too orange doesn’t work for me. Cherry is perfect; a deep rich red that’s bright without looking like clown makeup. The forumla of this particular Mac liner is gorgeous. For some reason it’s a little creamier than the other shades I own but sacrifices none of the staying power. It can even be worn alone for a matte lip look.


{NB I do not like taking selfies but these products are so lovely I had to try & show you what they look like on}

The Brave Red lipstick was an unusual purchase for me as I tend to go for the Mac Matte or Satin finishes; this one is a Cremesheen. It has a very subtle gold highlight through it and is more pigmented than other shades in this finish. Worn over the lipliner it creates a very pretty, polished look.


This combination lasted well through eating and drinking and felt very comfortable on the lips. The lipstick could be worn alone for anyone who enjoys red but prefers a more sheer finish than you’d get with a Matte or Satin.

These two products have breathed new life into my old love of a red lip look. I wonder why I’d never heard of Brave Red; it deserves some of the attention that Mac’s other red lipsticks get!

Do you have a favourite red lipstick/lipliner  from Mac or is your go-to product from any brand?

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x

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