Alternative to Soar? Mac Dervish Lipliner 

A good nude lipliner is an essential if you’re a fan of the nude/brownish mauve family of lip colours. In terms of Mac products, Soar and Whirl have been wildly popular for years now. If that’s the family of shades that appeals to you, you may like Mac’s lipliner in Dervish.



Forumla wise this liner applies and performs much like Soar; it can be a tad dry if you use it on the entire lip as I do but it’s worth it, as it really stays put. You’d think all of the shades would have the same formula but oddly I found that the gorgeous Cherry  lipliner was somewhat creamier than the rest.

Here’s how Dervish looks swatched on my very fair NW15 skin, along with a comparison to Soar:


I’d say Dervish is slightly less pigmented than Soar and is towards the pinker end of the brownish/nude colour spectrum. As such you might find it an easier shade to wear if you’re fair skinned. If you’re someone who wears a nude lip look regularly, you could certainly justify owning both, if you feel the need to justify it 😊. If you’re looking for shades similar to these at the drugstore, I’d recommend checking out Rimmel’s Exaggerate range (East End Snob is a favourite of mine).


This photo shows me struggling with pain as ever but wearing Dervish with a drugstore lipstick over the top – Essence Long Lasting Lipstick in 05, which is fairly close shade wise to Mac Faux. (This photo also confirmed that I need to find an eyebrow pencil that’s just a touch darker but that’s another post!).

So, Dervish is a really wearable shade in the nude family but varies more from Soar when swatched than you’d expect based on the colours on the box. 

Do you have a favourite nudish lipliner?

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x

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1 thought on “Alternative to Soar? Mac Dervish Lipliner ”

  1. I wanted to buy this but it was sold out. I’m waiting for it to come back in stock. Did you see my new post? My top 5 High-end Nude Lipsticks. I bet you’ll like the post. I even have a dupe. Stay tuned for more high-end posts…. I have some great posts planned! Have an amazing and pain free day! 😀😉💙

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