Little Ondine Fragrance Free Nail Polish: Purple Rain

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you might remember my delight at finding a brand of nail polish that doesn’t smell – a migraine sufferer holy grail product! The latest colour I’m test driving from Little Ondine is called Purple Rain.


In case you’re completely new to the brand, their nail colours are chemical free, scent free and peelable – yep, you can peel it right off. These features make them a must try for people with smell or chemical sensitivities. They’re also great  for those of us who have a child who wants to copy mummy’s nails but wouldn’t be allowed to near traditional polish and remover at such a young age. 

I really like these products but they’re not perfect – it did take several coats with this shade to get the colour pay off I wanted. That said, it did dry very fast so it wasn’t as time consuming as several coats of traditional polish would have been.


The shade itself I really like – I LOVE purple nails. This is a shade that looks good at any time of the year (is it just me that feels like some nail colours are seasonal??). My problem is that I can’t stop myself picking it off in a day or two; it comes off in such satisfyingly large pieces! To be fair that’s my fault rather than the product’s 😊.

If you decide to invest in some of these polishes make sure to get the clear top coat Secret. It shines up the look of the colour and can be used as a base as well.

Have you tried out the Little Ondine range? 

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x

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4 thoughts on “Little Ondine Fragrance Free Nail Polish: Purple Rain”

  1. I had peelable polish as a kid and I loooooved it! So much fun. I might get a peelable polish just for the nostalgia factor. 😛 But, I’m really happy for you that you have an unscented option for your migraines!

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