Mint Green Nails Look

It’s been an especially bad couple of weeks in my Chronic Life, hence the recent lack of new blog posts. Pain levels have been sky high & I’ve been stranded in the dark battling my Chronic Daily Migraine to an even greater extent than usual.

Today I finally made it out of the house and as my nails were in desperate need of attention, I  went to my favourite nail place (Trieu Nails in Bethnal Green-if you’re in East London I highly recommend them!).

(I do not in fact have a giant thumb; didn’t get the angle quite right on this pic! 😆)

I brought this polish along with me; it’s from Essence and is a real bargain at £1.60 a bottle. I absolutely love this colour for Spring. As you can see I’m very fair skinned but this colour is one of those rare gems that will look fresh and lovely against all skin tones. I tend to go for relatively short nails these days as it can be AGES between nail appointments due to my mostly housebound status but I think this colour would work on pretty much any length & shape. 

Essence products can be purchased in the UK from Wilko (online/in store) or online via Beauty Crowd.

I’m hoping for a few ‘low pain’ hours in the coming week so keep an eye out for my upcoming ‘MAC Mini Haul’ post!

Do you have a favourite nail colour for Spring?

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x

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Note: this is not a sponsored post.

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