MAC Mineralize Skin Finish – Nuanced 

MAC Mineralize Skin Finishes are soooo popular; ‘Soft & Gentle’ in particular has been a YouTube beauty guru favourite for years now. At the age of 34, I have finally purchased my own Mineralize Skin Finish so it’s only right that I share my thoughts with you 😊.


I spotted the shade ‘Nuanced’ online and was lured in by the four-shades-in-one thing. Admittedly I thought the shades had a slightly pinker undertone than they actually do in real life but that’s always a risk you take when buying without swatching. Mac describes this product as ‘sheer wash of light rosy champagne with slight fine pink and gold pearl.’

I use highlighters sparingly as I don’t want to look shiny; in fact I spend a lot of time battling the dreaded shine! This is a great product for highlighting / as a blush topper. It creates a pretty shimmer without actual bits of glitter. I use the shades separately as my skin is super pale but they can be used swirled together if that suits your skin tone.


{Swatched left to right, top row first}

I like having four shade options that I can choose from depending on what most suits the blush I’m wearing on any given day. The first shade (top left in compact) is the easiest to wear for me and pretty much goes with any blush. As the weather  warms up I may experiment with using the two darkest shades as shimmery blush.

Overall I’m pleased with this product; the shades are a little out of my comfort zone but I’m enjoying them. I probably wouldn’t have bought them separately but I’m glad I have them to play with. The amount of pigment and shimmer you want can be achieved by choosing the right shape and size brush – you can use a small angled brush with a light hand if you prefer a targeted area of light shimmer (like me) or a bigger fluffier brush if you’re after a more full-on glow.

Do you have a favourite Mineralize Skin Finish?

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x

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