MAC Lipstick Review: Please Me

I’m a creature of habit when it comes to lipsticks. While I have quite a collection of drugstore lipsticks, I find that it’s actually the MAC ones that I reach for most often. I’ve had my eye on Please Me for ages and recently I finally took the plunge and bought it.


It’s a matte finish formula and MAC describes it as a ‘muted rosy-tinted pink’. It’s a popular shade but I’ve found that how it looks on can really vary depending on skin tone of the wearer.


I found this lipstick to be slightly creamier than the other MAC mattes that I own. It applies smoothly and with minimal dragging. On my very pale (NW10/15) skin, it a little brighter than many of the swatches I’ve seen on line; to be fair I find it hard to find swatches on skin like mine generally. Quick digression – if you’re super pale like me, search ‘Beauty with Emily Fox’ on YouTube; she does excellent swatch videos and in the Winter her skin shade is roughly the same as mine all year around šŸ˜Š.


I’m really enjoying this lipstick. It wears well; I always tend to reapply after a meal but you could not bother and your lipstick would still look good. It’s a great daytime shade and in my opinion would be a lovely option if you are wearing a slightly heavier/darker eye look. For me it’s a minimal effort way of making myself look less sick than I usually feel. On the many days that I’m hiding behind shades due to photophobia, this lipstick is a low key way of looking a bit more put together.

Above is me taking Please Me out for a test drive. Underneath the lipstick I used Rimmel Exaggerate Lipliner in East End Snob. 

Do you have a favourite pink lipstick for the Spring?

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x

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