Pale Blue Nails Look

Just a quick post today to share my current nail look with you. I spend sooooo much of my life stuck at home feeling awful that it’s quite the occasion when I eventually make it to the nail place to get my coat of acrylic filled in. I always bring polish with me (so I have the exact shade at home to do touch ups with) and this is one of my favourites, so much so that you’ve probably seen it make an appearance on my blog before!

This is from The Gel range at Essence and is a ridiculously cheap £1.60 per little bottle, so if you fancy picking up a few new shades for Summer you can grab a handful without breaking the bank.


I find that it lasts well and of course you can always use a more expensive top coat on top if you like.

Do you have a favourite brand for cheap nail polishes?

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x

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NB This is not a sponsored post.

2 thoughts on “Pale Blue Nails Look”

    1. Thanks! I find myself reaching for blues, purples and greens the most, lighter shades for summer & darker in colder months. I tend to get bored of pinks much more quickly. The little polishes from Essence are fab, so cheap you can stock up on spring/summer shades for very little money.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting ! Xx


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