MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil: 1st Impressions 

I made it to Dublin recently for a long weekend with lots of my family. If you’re a regular reader or Twitter buddy, you’ll know that travelling is very difficult for me due to my neurological condition so it’s not something  I attempt often. As this was a one-off event so I decided to give it a go. With the help of many meds and my husband, I managed to get there and take part in some family events – yay! Most importantly, me making it meant my daughter got to make some nice family memories that involve me being upright & not stranded in the dark dealing with pain!

On the way back through Dublin airport I used some left over Euros to grab myself a lipstick and lip pencil in MAC. I went for a matte lipstick in Please Me and a Pro Longwear Pencil in  Good Timing; the latter is the topic of this 1st Impressions post.


I must admit up front that I didn’t realise I’d bought a Pro Longwear pencil until later; as I didn’t have much time, I just grabbed a colour I liked the look of. I normally buy MAC’s standard lipliners but I was interested to see how this one performed.


On the plus side, the formula of this pencil is smooth and soft. There is no dragging on application. The shade itself is very pretty. MAC describes it as ‘light pink’ which it is; I’d add that it has a cool mauve undertone going, but that may just be how it looks on my very pale skin.


On the other hand, this pencil didn’t impress me the first time I used it – as soon as I started applying, the tip broke right off. I don’t think I use a particularly heavy hand so I really wouldn’t expect this to happen on the first use of a £15 lip pencil. I also found that there was a slight patchiness to the look on the lips that only worsened as it began to fade. It could be partly due to the fact that this is a lighter shade than I’d usually wear, but I felt that the fading patchiness was very noticeable as my natural lip colour peeked through.

So, I’m pretty disappointed with my 1st impression of this product, which is a shame as I generally love MAC products. I’ll give it another couple of outings and if my opinion changes, I’ll write an update post to let you guys know.

Have you used this product in any shade? Did you like it?

Wishing you good luck & happy days,

Kindra x

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