Review: NYX Micro Brow Pencil

I’ve read/heard people say that defining your brows really makes a difference to the look of your makeup and frames your face. It’s only in recent years that I’ve started paying attention to my brows and it turns out it’s true, paying them some attention while applying makeup does make a difference and really makes whatever look you’re creating appear more ‘finished’.

That said, I’m personally not a fan of the whole ‘Instagram Brow’ look. Granted, it looks nice on some people but it’s much too heavy for my taste; along with heavy contouring, people seem to forget that these methods were born on the drag scene and as beautiful as the resulting look can be, it was originally created as stage makeup. 

I use NYX Micro Brow Pencils to define my brows and they’re my favourite drugstore brow product so far.


I like the twist up design; not having to sharpen is always a bonus. The spoolie brush on the end comes in really handy if I want to touch up my brows whilst out and about – I always have one of these in my little makeup bag in my handbag.

I find that it stays in place once applied. If my brows feel particularly unruly, I brush a little setting spray through them too. The colour from the pencil doesn’t budge or end up anywhere it shouldn’t be.

The colour isn’t so pigmented that you’re left with stark brows as soon as the pencil gets near your face – this is important if, like me, you’re just trying to gently fill your brows. Personally I’d much rather build colour a little as necessary rather than frantically trying to undo startlingly heavy brows.


My one problem with these pencils is the warmth of the shades. Both Ash Brown and Espresso look a little warmer than I expected next to my brow hairs. I don’t want to go as extreme as black but maybe the shade Brunette will be more to my taste.


I’ve noticed that the lid on the pencil end of my Ash Brown no longer clicks into place but it hasn’t started falling off so and I’ve had it for quite a while so it’s not a huge deal. These pencils are good value for money so I’m happy to try another shade in my search for the perfect cool dark brown colour.

Do you have a favourite drugstore brow product?

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x

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2 thoughts on “Review: NYX Micro Brow Pencil”

  1. Right now, my hair is yellow shifting to green and then blue, so I am using a Butter of London eyeliner in Racing Green and another liquid eyeliner pen that is blue. But, I seal them with Brow Gal gel, which I got from Boxy Charm. It feels weird if you touch your eyebrows once its dried, but keeps the color where I want it and not smudging or running.

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