More Blue Nails!

Just checking in with you guys in Blog Land to share my current nail look 😊. I often browse the sale section on ASOS, particularly the beauty items and this Models Own polish jumped out at me.

In the last year or two I find myself reaching for blue shades A LOT, especially in warmer months. This mid-tone shade is just different enough from the other blue polishes I own to make me feel like I needed it and since it was on sale for £3.50, it was an indulgence I don’t need to feel guilty about.

While it isn’t the smoothest or tidiest job I’ve ever done (or indeed the best photos I’ve ever taken), this is due to my chronic illness/meds making my hands shake rather than the polish. The polish itself is great! It took two coats to achieve the perfect opaque coverage I was after, which is better than a lot of drugstore nail polishes. The finish is glossy even before applying top coat. It is wearing well but as it’s on top of acrylic nails, it’s hard for me to judge how it would wear on normal nails.

Overall I’m happy with the latest addition to my nail polish collection. My love affair with all shades of blue polish continues! 

What colour dominates your nail polish collection?

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x 

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Note: this is not a sponsored post. All products discussed were purchased with my own money.

6 thoughts on “More Blue Nails!”

    1. Oooh bright orange, there’s a thought, I actually don’t own a bright orange but I think I should! Will check out your June Favourites vid 👍🏼if you fancy checking out my Insta (chroniccockney) I recently posted pic of a GORGEOUS blue polish from Essence that is my very favourite blue, highly recommend it xx


  1. This is bright!
    Do you find the gel-like polishes to last longer than regular ones?
    I own mostly nudes and red cremes in my collection! I don’t have many blues or greens… I just don’t wear them enough to justify owning too many of them.

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    1. It hard for me to say as most polishes last well on top of my acrylics…definitely slightly more glossy. I’ve found that polishes don’t chip on the acrylic surface as they do on natural nails, they tend to fade at exposed edges instead. Haven’t noticed a difference between gel-like ones & standard polish. The gel-like ones stay shiny for longer though.


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