Make Up Forever Mattifying Primer

I’m always on the look out for a truly effective primer. My skin is of the combination variety that includes a really oily t-zone; around my nose is the worst! I’ve had my eye on this primer from Makeup Forever for some time so when I had a gift card for Debenhams to spend (happy days) I included in a mattifying products mini haul.

The first thing I noticed about this primer is that it’s the thickest consistency I’ve ever experienced in such a product. This being the case, it requires that you take your time spreading it onto your face a little more than you’d need to with a runnier formula. It takes a couple of applications to get used to this thick formula.

That being said, it really does provide you with a smooth and even base for foundation application. I found that this product works beautifully under liquid foundation. It does a decent job under powders alone such as Mac Studio Fix Plus Foundation but the pores around my nose were too visible for my taste, which isn’t the case when using a liquid foundation or concealer on the area (I often conceal in that area due to the red broken capillaries that are the unfortunately permanent result of using aggressive pore strips 🙈). 

In terms of increasing wear time, this product really does help on that front. Where my glasses sit on my nose is still a problem area but less so and I can put off blotting my face for MUCH longer than I could when using other primers. This product definitely helps my foundation hang in there despite oil and the delightful hot flushes that accompany the pain of my medical condition.

If you have combination/oily skin, I’d recommend giving this product a try. As is the case with all primers and foundations, you’ll soon identify the best combination of formulas and application techniques. For me, this primer works fabulously with Mac Pro Longwear Foundation applied in circular motions with a brush (I have a new favourite brush by the way; post coming soon!). The great thing about this brand is that while it isn’t exactly cheap, you have the option to buy the smaller size as I did so you can give it a decent trial before deciding to commit to the full size – I wish all brands offered this option!

This product is one of several in the range of Step 1 primers Make Up Forever has to offer, so if you have dry skin or need some help with colour correction, check out the full range. Some makeup perfectionists might even like to use this primer for their oily bits and another kind for the rest of their face.

What’s your favourite primer right now?

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x

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Note: this is not a sponsored post. All products discussed were purchased with my own money. 

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