theBalm Liquid Lipstick

The liquid lipstick trend has largely passed me by. I think this is because I remember the earlier versions that were on the market 10-15 years ago. As much as I liked the finish, the formulas left a lot to be desired; touching them up during the day was neigh on impossible to do without ending up with a crumbling, flaking mess.

I finally decided to see how far liquid lipsticks have come by ordering myself one from the Meet Matt(e) Hughes range by theBalm. While it is technically a drugstore product (available at Superdrug in the UK as well as ASOS and a wider selection at Feel Unique online and Debenhams), it is at the pricier end of the drugstore price range at £13.50, just a couple of pounds short of the price of a standard Mac lipstick. I opted for the shade Charming.

I was surprised to find that I absolutely love this lipstick! The formula is excellent. It applies smoothly and it’s easy to achieve an opaque finish. It dries down within a couple of minutes. Once it has dried down, beyond a barely perceptible tacky feeling if you deliberately press your lips together, there is no sticky feeling to put me off. You can certainly talk and eat freely without feeling like your lips are getting stuck to each other.

The fragrance of this lipstick deserves a special mention – it smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream 😋 It smells delicious to me but if you’re not a big fan of the scent it shouldn’t be too big a deal as it fades away once the lipstick has dried. There is a subtle cooling sensation on application but it’s barely noticeable.

The thing I love the most about this formula is that it is both genuinely long wearing AND if you want to do a minor touch up, it applies over itself perfectly – no crumbling yuckiness! Once dry it is also the most transfer-proof lip product that I’ve ever used. My 5 year old has named it my ‘magic lipstick’ because I can kiss her without leaving a lipstick print on her cheek 😊. 

I’m loving the shade itself. The brown has enough mauve in it to create a rich, gorgeous colour and it feels just 90s enough on me without looking dated. Against my fair skin it obviously is less of an actual nude shade but I think it’s one of those lipsticks that would look good on anyone. I’ve found myself reaching for it every time I’ve been well enough to wear makeup of late and it makes my makeup look far more ‘finished’ than it actually is behind the shades I have to wear anytime I’m out and about. 

Whether you’re a committed lover of liquid lipstick or haven’t really been on board with this trend, I highly recommend this product. Finally, a lipstick that actually does last through a meal without needed touching up (unless like me you do it anyway out of sheer force of habit!).

What your favourite liquid lipstick?

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x 

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Note: this is not a sponsored post. All products discussed were purchased with my own money.

11 thoughts on “theBalm Liquid Lipstick”

    1. The fragrance is lovely isn’t it? My brain is very sensitive to fragrance too but thankfully fine with this one. I’ve had my eye on the more pink/red shades, so far I have 3 shades that are quite similar but not identical; I’m a creature of habit like that.


      1. I get very bad migraines from fragrances which is a disaster but this is fine I really like it. I’ve so many liquid lipsticks but I definitely want more of these. That colour you have is lovely. Not many wear the bright pinks like chivalrous but I love the brights. I always go for the same shades of colours too

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