Mac Lucky Trolls Beauty Powder

I recently went into hospital to have a hole drilled in my skull and a tiny monitor put inside to assess the pressure around my brain. It was not fun 😬. While I was there, I decided I deserved a little treat, so I ordered myself a beauty powder from Mac’s Lucky Troll collection to meet me when I arrived home.

Beauty powders often appear in Mac limited edition collections. They can be used in a variety of ways – on the cheeks as blush, as highlight, on the entire face or even on your eyes depending on the shade and your preference.

The powder I went for is called Play It Proper. Mac describes it as ‘a soft pastel pink with sparkles.’ 

This product isn’t particularly pigmented but as I wanted to use it as an everyday highlight, it doesn’t need to be. I’ve found myself reaching for this compact every time I’ve applied makeup recently. My skin is very fair (approx NW10 right now) and it can be difficult to find a light pinkish highlight; the majority of the the highlights on the market seem to be in the gold/bronze area and such shades generally don’t work for me. This powder turned out to be an ideal shade for my skin and suitable for use as a highlight without being so over-the-top shimmery that I feel self conscious wearing it in the daytime.

The packaging is delightful. It might feel too childish for serious beauty gurus but personally I love it; it appeals to the 90s 14 year old in me! I suspect this packaging is the kind that you’ll either love it or hate it. It makes me happy every time I see it! The little troll outline in the product itself is also adorable, to the extent that I’ll be a little sad when it’s worn away.

I’m really happy with this product and can see myself getting a lot of use out of it. I’d recommend keeping an eye out for other beauty powders in limit edition collections – there may be one that’s ideal for you. Of course the downside is that you have to be quick with limited edition products as the best products tend to sell out fast. I’ve noticed that shades like this do turn up in collections now and then, so I’ll be on the look out for a replacement before this product runs out.

Have you found any gems in limited edition collections?

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x 

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Note: this is not a sponsored post. All products discussed were purchased with my own money.

10 thoughts on “Mac Lucky Trolls Beauty Powder”

  1. Hi, I love this blog post! Keep up the great work!

    Feel free to check out my lush inspired blog, I’d love it if you could like/follow! Thanks have a great day!

    Justlushthings X

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  2. I had the same procedure and it was a nightmare cos first they couldn’t get through my skull – I managed to blunt a drill bit! Then they couldn’t find the right plug for the bloody monitor so got no info then they got it working but the printer wouldn’t work so they couldn’t get a record of it. Was told to be in for 48 hours and ended up in for a week. I went a bit stir crazy in the end, started talking to the machine haha

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    1. Sounds like they really didn’t have their act together at all! The printer wouldn’t work? Why didn’t they save the recordings to a secure USB? I’d have been a very unhappy patient in your shoes! Nightmare.
      Have just put up a video on my YouTube about it as I found it difficult to find vids/posts online that were personal experiences of it x


  3. Oh you poor thing. I hope it (the device?) will provide some useful information!
    I really wanted to get something from the Troll collection but nothing jumped out at me! I mainly wanted something for the packaging and nostalgia factor. I do have a couple of beauty powders from previous MAC limited edition collections – Hello KItty and Disney Venomous Villains collections but I’m not sure if the Troll one is enticing enough to justify it!

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    1. It has, seeing Neurosurgeon again this week, thank you.
      The collection was too bright for my taste but I adore the packaging too. Think this powder works nicely as a highlight because of how super pale I am; if you have darker skin you probably have lots of highlighters to choose from already. A lot of them on the market are too bronze or gold for me. I bet the two you own have fabulous packaging!


  4. My studio assistant got me the Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass palate for my birthday because she knew I wouldn’t buy it for myself and also, it would force me to use color where I thought I was too old to use it—and it has, and it has been FANTASTIC. I dug out an Urban Decay pot of color (Shattered) that I’ve had for 15 years and not used because I thought I was too old (and wore it today). HA! I’m having an absolute blast with it–I change my eyebrow color daily, wear blue eyeshadow–I’ve left no stone un-turned. And no one has told me I look like a clown.

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