Body Shop Shea Body Scrub

I love a good body scrub. They help me to feel squeaky clean after hours/days stranded in bed by my broken brain. So when Body Shop had one of their 40% off everything sales (including items that were already discounted, yay!) I took the opportunity to stock up on a few essentials, including the Shea Body Scrub.

I like everything about this scrub. The sugar formula is rough enough to feel effective but not so scratchy that it puts me off using it; I’m able to use it on freshly shaved legs without any uncomfortable stinging.

The Shea fragrance is always a winner for me – it’s pleasant without being overwhelming and most importantly doesn’t upset my fragrance sensitive brain.

The sugar scrub itself sits in an oil type liquid base. When you’re in the shower/bath it feels greasy but I found that as soon as I dried off, it had all been absorbed into my skin. I actually found that I didn’t need to reach for my in-shower moisturiser – this scrub left my skin feeling soft and moisturised without that extra step.

I could waffle on for several more paragraphs but there’s really no need; this is a great body scrub and not too expensive (grab it during one of Body Shop’s sales/offers and it’s even better value for money!). It doesn’t sting like similar salt versions I’ve tried and leaves my skin feeling and smelling lovely. It’s worth grabbing a tub every time there’s a sale – sign up for Body Shop emails so you never miss one!

What’s your favourite body scrub?

Wishing you good luck and happy days,

Kindra x

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Note – this is not a sponsored post. All products discussed were purchased with my money.

2 thoughts on “Body Shop Shea Body Scrub”

  1. I really like the body shop and I am a huge fan of their seaweed collection and bodycare products..I like Honeymania body scrub along with Spa of the World scrub but I remember purchasing and loving the limited edition raspberry harvest body scrub and could not keep away from Fuji green tea one..So gentle and refreshing!!

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