Tarteist Pro Custom Magnetic Palette

Despite the fact that I started wearing makeup when I was 13 (very subtly so as to avoid detection by my mum or teachers), a couple of decades later I remain a newbie to the world of eyeshadow. Until now the only eyeshadow I use regularly is a slightly-lighter-than-my-skin shade just beneath the arches when I do my brows.

I’m now working on getting a little collection of eyeshadows together and developing my application skills. So when I was indulging in my beauty birthday haul (Part 1 and Part 2),  I snapped up this palette from Tarte to store my pan eyeshadows in.

I’m really glad that I went for this palette. Firstly – it’s so gorgeous to look at! The animal print design will never go out of style as far as I’m concerned! The the little metallic plate with the brand name is a nice touch too.

The palette has a pleasing sturdy feel to it. It feels like it will last a long time and while it is s little heavy, I’d still put it in a suitcase to travel without a second thought. In my opinion the extra weight is worth it for the durability pay off.

On the inside, the palette sports a lovely big mirror, the size of the entire lid. I really like this, in fact it’s one of the things that drew me to the palette. I know that professional makeup artists like to be able to see the shadows through the lid, which makes sense since they’re applying makeup to other people rather than to themselves, so a mirror isn’t top priority. Also people who always sit at a beauty table to apply makeup might not need another mirror. I personally don’t always sit in the same spot when applying makeup so I love this mirror as it’s big enough to use while doing my entire face. The mirror could easily be the only one a person takes with them when travelling. I haven’t as yet tested the magnetic hold by traveling with this  palette but all the pans stay put when it is turned upside down. 

I own a large Z palette which cost more than this Tarte offering; the Tarte one is in another league in my opinion. I recommend keeping an eye out for any more custom palettes Tarte release – if they’re anything like this one, they are well worth the money. {At time of posting the palette discussed in this review is actually still available on Tarte’s website}. 

Do you have a favourite custom palette?

Kindra x

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Note: this is not a sponsored post. All items discussed were purchased with my own money.

3 thoughts on “Tarteist Pro Custom Magnetic Palette”

  1. how many standard single size eyeshadows (Makeup Geek, ABH, Mac, Morphe, etc.) eyeshadows can fit into the palette? I’ve looked at every review of this palette online and nowhere can I find this information. It’s mind boggling.


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